If you are a parent, then you will know that it isn’t an easy job. As parents, our days consist of all sorts of chores and tasks.


While most of the time we are up to our necks in chores, when we do get a bit of spare time, it’s even more important that we use it wisely. After all, for us moms, free time is a luxury.


And while we mostly use our spare time to have some much-deserved “me time”, sometimes we choose to get a little more creative with it. As a mom, I know that one thing many parents neglect is the decor of their homes. With so much else to think about, it just doesn’t seem important.


However, the decor and style of your home plays a big part in your mood, especially if you are a stay at home mom. So it’s a good idea to take some of your free time and use it to give your home a makeover.


To help you give your home a new look, complete with some family-friendly decor, here are a few useful tips:


Think about your lifestyle


A room that is beautifully decorated but doesn’t account for the demands of everyday life with kids, won’t last long. Instead, what you need to do is choose a design that will stand up to food fights, drawing on the walls, and indoor sports matches


Think about what your family life is like, and then decorate accordingly. You might crave a beautiful, magazine-style home, but with kids that isn’t an option.


Add color and texture


A home that is child-friendly should never have a cream couch or white carpets, it should be bright and bold and full of texture. Adding bright colors and textures to your home, will help to camouflage the inevitable spills and mess that come with kids.


Use family-focused decor


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Instead of decorating your home with stylish paintings and prints, opt for family-focused decor. For a family home, family-focused decor is the only way to go.


To decorate the walls, go for a family photography session and get prints from Canvas Printers Online. Using family photography to decorate your home adds an amazing look and feel to the space. You could even decorate with a photo collage, as well as canvas prints.


Another fun idea for decorating the walls is using your child’s drawings or paintings as artwork. Get a few of your child’s pieces of artwork framed and place them around your home, instead of professional prints.


Incorporate child-friendly decor and furniture


Embrace the essence of family life by incorporating decor and furniture that is child-friendly. Kids make mess; they spill juice, get ink on things, throw food, that’s what kids do. Instead of trying to prevent your little ones from doing these things, embrace it and create a child-friendly home.


Do your kids draw on the walls? Yes, then paint with chalkboard paint and let your kids draw to their hearts’ content. Do your children stain the sofa? Yes, then invest in a sofa with easy to wipe fabric. Do your kids trample dirt through the house? Yes, then scrap the carpet and invest in wooden or tile flooring.


As a parent, time is limited. But when you get a little bit of spare time, why not use it to give your home a makeover? While you might not know where to start, with these simple ideas, creating a friendly family home shouldn’t be too tricky.


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