How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Man Cave



Gentlemen, if you’ve recently moved into a new crib, or if you’re looking to give your existing space a fresher, more modern look, a bathroom remodeling may just be what you need to set the ambiance. The bathroom is an essential part of any place of living. Since we spend a fair amount of time in their daily, getting clean and ready, redesigning your bathroom to your liking is an awesome way to add some personality to your home.


Without further ado, to help you take on this project flawlessly, we’ve compiled some essentials that are guaranteed to turn your washing space into a genuine man cave. It’ll boost your creative thinking and resourcefulness, and once it’s all done, you’re certain to impress your buddies for when you have the whole crew over for game nights!


  1. Define Your Theme


If you have a rather plain bathroom at the moment, now is the perfect opportunity to spruce it up. Selecting a theme that represents you is bound to elevate your space and truly make it your own. Some of your options include sleek and chic, industrial and edgy, or even futuristic (save the fantasy for your bedroom). Conduct some online research to see what’s available out there—the internet is a great starting point to gather ideas and inspiration. Once you’ve isolated a theme, stick to it and build your project around it.


2. Pick the Right Color Scheme


A neat trick for a cool men’s bathroom is choosing a simple and deep color palette. Monochromatic works best—black is an all-time favorite that will give your space a masculine, polished, and contemporary vibe. Grey and anthracite tones are also a good alternative. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your preferences. Keep in mind that darker shades will cozy up your bathroom better than brighter or creamier colors.


3. Get Organized


Now, your bathroom is a sanctuary. To allow for convenient preparation in the morning and before bed, it’s important to invest in items that will render your hygiene routine effortless. Particularly around the sink or shower, you need to have convenient access to your razor, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and the like; that’s why the award-winning brothers behind https://tooletries.com/ have designed practical and sleek products for the modern man. Having a male grooming organizer will offer you great solutions to optimize your space better than ever. Never again will you worry about stepping foot in a cluttered and messy bathroom!


4. Opt for Minimalist Storage Solutions


When it comes to furniture, a bathroom should always be equipped with simplistic storage options, especially in smaller exploitable areas. The advantage of this is it will make your space look instantly cleaner and more sophisticated. As such, consider repurposing your existing furniture with some spray paint and changing the knobs and pulls with stainless steel or copper ones. Alternatively, if this won’t do for you, it might be time for some shopping. Browse online platforms or visit your local store for the best deals on handy furniture.


5. Buy a MultiPurpose Shower Head


Remodeling is an ideal time to replace your standard showerhead and purchase one that will turn your washing area into a deluxe spa. There’s nothing quite like a reinvigorating shower to start off your day. These modern amenities come in all shapes and sizes, can include several features, and suit different budgets. You’ll typically be able to mount them yourself. However, if you’re going for the pricier wall-mounted models, it’s best to hire a plumbing professional for a stress-free installation.


6. Add Some Cool Tech Gadgets


We saved the best for last. Usually, we’d recommend leaving electronics out of the bathroom. But today’s market offers many safe and foolproof opportunities for relaxation and bringing the spirit of entertainment in there:


  • Mirrored TV: Perfect for those who love watching the game from the comfort of their own bath, with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other.


  • Sound System: Nothing beats a powerful sound system with mounted speakers if you’re the kind who enjoys listening to music under the shower. There are several waterproof models that will withstand the humidity.


  • Japanese Toilet: Certainly more expensive, but it’s high-tech equipment that comes with many cool features, such as a heated seat and an integrated water spray for the ultimate cleaning experience.


All in all, the bathroom of your dreams is entirely within your reach. A man’s bathroom that’s well-finished, functional, and organized, is bound to make an impact on your life. As with any home remodeling, it’s always good to allow yourself a comfortable budget to concretize your man-cave dreams.