How to Wash and Dry Clothes at a Laundromat


Several people do not have the means to buy a home washer and dryer. It is a luxury for most to have a space or extra money to buy a washer and dryer. For most, having a clean and impeccable laundry service nearby is a godsend.


If going to a laundromat is new to you, here are some tips on how a trip to the laundromat works.

  1. Schedule Laundry Day.

Although it is more convenient if your laundromat offers laundry offers pickup and delivery service, a scheduled laundry day helps prepare what you need. It is best to schedule your laundry day on your day off from work or a time when the laundromat is fairly empty. But, if the timing does not work, the laundry pickup and delivery service is the best option you have. You can visit and see what all services they offer.

  1. Sort Laundry at Home.

Sort them out before you go to the laundromat or have your laundry picked up. It is not a pretty sight to sort your dirty clothes at the laundromat. While sorting your clothes, do not forget to check their wash label and ensure that all clothes you bring to the laundromat are safe for washers and dryers.

  1. Learn to Use the Washer and Dryer

Most laundromats are coin-operated machines. Place the clothes into the washer or dryer and add soap. You can find the full instructions on the washer or dryer. If the machines are coin-operated, you can ask the staff for a change.

  1. Hang Out for Half an Hour.

If you brought your laundry to the laundromat, you have an hour and a half to hang out. You can read a book or grab a coffee. But, if you are lucky enough to have a grocery store nearby, you can use the time to do some errands.


Common Courtesy at the Laundromat

It is not an avoidable situation. You will meet inconsiderate people at laundromats. But, what’s important is you should not become one of them. You have to follow these common courtesies at laundromats.

Do not hog baskets

Let others use the basket. Some people leave something in the basket to claim that they are still using it. It is best to let people use the basket while washing or drying your laundry. By the time you need them, there will be a free one.

Staying close to the washer or dryer

Like it is rude to keep a basket to oneself, tying up machines at once or keeping the washer or dryer unattended makes it unavailable for other users. Always stay close to the washer and dryer, or set the alarm if you are away. It reminds you that the cycle is done. Do not stay away longer than that.

Clean up after

You do not want to use a dirty machine, right? Ensure you thoroughly check the machines and clean them up when you are done. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.


It is fortunate if the laundromat offers pickup and delivery. If they do not, choose the closest one that satisfies your needs.

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