How Treats Help In Dog Training And Building A Trust With Your Dog

Dogs are faithful pets that not only protect you but understand your emotions and provide comfort in need. However, developing a relationship with your pet is challenging sometimes. To ensure that your dogs are well behaved and have control of emotions around others, they are required to be trained.

Training a dog is not a one-day job; through constant training, you can help them understand their strengths and have a great familiarization with the surroundings and people. Training a dog using treats is a common method that most owners adopt.  Let's get to know more about the usefulness of treats in dog training.


Treats as rewards

Providing your dogs with treats is a good way of making them understand that they have made a good effort in doing a task. Sometimes owners have the wrong impression that treats must only be provided after completing a task. This would quite become frustrating as dogs may or may not be cooperating at the beginning of the training. Treats should be used to motivate them to take steps to achieve the goal. This ensures that they try their best and complete it to be honored with their reward treats.

Treats to Lure

Treats can be used to lure your dog to do various training activities like sit, jump, stand etc. In this way, the treats are used to teach them various commands and ensure that the ultimate goal is not achieving the treats. With the progress of the training, verbal commands are also used along with treats. 

The behavior that precedes after the treats is also important; you should make sure they are given the treatment for the right gesture. If you want to give them the treat for sitting, you should make sure that upon seeing the treat, they still hold the sitting position and not sprung out in excitement. This ensures that they keep their emotions and expressions in check.

Treats should be small

Choosing a treat that is small and easily consumable is important during training. Your pet should not get involved in the treats and focus less on training. They should understand the prime focus of dog training.


Treats in the right amount

Giving your pet treats in excess does no good. It could only lead to obesity and other problems. Make sure that you give the right amount and healthy treats such as bully sticks for dogs, preferably very little and promote healthy eating habits.

Downsizing Treats

Once your dog has learned an activity or behavior, it is essential to reduce the usage of treats for training. Your dog should not get the idea that the ultimate goal is achieving treats. This should be a gradual process but must be stopped at some point. 

Treats should not be used as an alternative to a food diet

Treats are not the replacement of a healthy diet. In general, treats should constitute only 10% of the normal diet. This varies based on various factors depending on the dog. Your dog should be provided with all the essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat through a normal balanced diet.


Through good training, both the physical and behavioral skills of your pets are developed and improved. Moreover, the time spent with your dog for training also helps develop a bond of trust and compassion. 

Training not only benefits them with the treats but also helps them feel your care and love. Training your dog can sometimes be challenging, but you must play a part in it. In case of any trouble, it is always good to seek the advice of a professional. That might benefit both you and your dog in better ways.


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