Wrong glasses causing eye damage is more of a myth. Wrong prescription glasses will not cause damage to your eyes, but they come with side effects regardless. Wrong prescription glasses have a lot of effects on you. They will not necessarily damage your eyesight but will contribute to several problems bound to affect your day-to-day activities. A patient must get the right prescription glasses to prevent these problems. Let us take a look at some of the ways wrong glasses can affect us.


Wrong prescription glasses are known to cause eye strain. This is because you are trying hard to see through glasses that are not meant for your eyes, causing them to strain. If you are using glasses that are wrongly prescribed, you are bound to feel some pain around your eyes which people most of the time assume is a headache. 

These headaches can be extremely persistent and distracting to the one experiencing them. Doctors advise that patients using prescription glasses try and not use them during significant parts of the day. If they have no headaches during the time they have them off, they probably have wrongly prescribed glasses. This means they need to take a trip back to the optometrist’s office and get fast glasses to fix the problem.

Blurry vision

Another effect of wearing wrongly prescribed glasses is prolonged blurry vision. It is normal to have blurry vision immediately after getting glasses as the eyes attempt to acclimatize to the new prescription. Normally, the blurriness should last about two weeks. However, if it goes beyond that, you are likely using wrongly prescribed glasses and need to go back and have them checked. 

Blurry vision can have serious effects on the day-to-day activities of the person experiencing it. They may have accidents that may cause them fatal injuries because they cannot see properly. If blurriness is a constant problem in someone using eyeglasses, they need to have the glasses checked. A correct prescription is very important to avoid such.

Extreme dizziness

Dizziness is expected when getting new glasses as the eyes may need a minute to adjust to the lenses. On the other hand, extreme dizziness is another effect of wrong prescription glasses. This is because wrong prescription glasses can cause a lot of stress on the eye muscles, and that might make them shake, causing dizziness. Eye misalignment from wrong prescription glasses can also cause dizziness. 

Many times dizziness may be overlooked during eye exams. Extreme dizziness will, of course, have an impact on an individual’s activities. They may seem disoriented as they go about their day. Dizziness also leads to nausea and vomiting, which is not a good experience. Someone experiencing this will constantly be uncomfortable. If they are constantly experiencing this, they are likely using the wrong glasses and should have them changed.


This is one of the major effects of wrongly prescribed glasses. If you have the wrong prescription, your eyes are likely to strain to see properly. This may lead to more pain and irritation around the eye area. There are several problems associated with eye strain caused by wrongly prescribed glasses. The most common symptoms of eye strain include pain around the eyes, fatigue, excessive tearing, itchiness around the eyes, dryness. It may also lead to soreness around the shoulders, back, and neck. 

You may also experience trouble concentrating. Eye strain will affect the person’s effectiveness when carrying out their work due to these irritations. This only adds to the importance of getting a correct prescription for eyeglasses.

Increased sensitivity to light

 Eyes becoming more sensitive to bright light can also be another effect of wrongly prescribed glasses. Due to straining of eyes and constant fatigue caused by wrong prescription glasses, the eyes become more sensitive to light. The person using these glasses is likely to be more sensitive to light than usual and will likely feel pain when exposed to bright light like fluorescent light bulbs and even sunlight. 

Increased light sensitivity can lead to persistent migraines, swelling in the eyes, and nausea. This can cause drastic effects on the lifestyle of the one experiencing light sensitivity. The person experiencing this needs to get their eye prescription checked and adjusted to fit their eye needs.

The bottom line

There are several myths around eyeglasses on the person using them. Wrong prescription glasses causing eye damage is one of them. All these mentioned problems are temporary and can be treated easily. The problems are temporary but still have a significant effect on your life due to the pain and discomfort caused by the side effects of using wrongly prescribed glasses. The migraines, headaches, itchy eyes, and light sensitivity are serious issues. Correct prescriptions will prevent these problems and make your life more comfortable.


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