Since the early 1980s, meditation and other techniques meant for stress reduction have been observed, and the general result has been the fact that these could be useful treatments for anxiety and depression.


One of these practices, yoga, has lately become a part of many people’s lives, and this is due to the many benefits that can be attributed to said activity. Research shows that yoga practice modulates the stress response, to allow one to fight stress and depression.

Taking these classes could help you to overcome stress and anxiety in different ways. Here’s how:

A Good Stress Response

A study conducted at the University of Utah gave valuable insight into the way yoga affects stress response by studying the participants’ response when exposed to pain. They noted that people who have a poorly regulated response suffer from more pain.


On the other hand, those who take part in yoga were seen to have a higher pain tolerance due to the modulation of the stress response in the brain. It shows that you could be able to reduce your worries and pains by taking part in yoga classes. Many people who suffer from stress are immersed in different concerns, so this could be used as a solution to improve their condition.  Research shows that yoga practice modulates the stress response, to allow one to fight stress and depression.

Natural Anxiety Relief

There is also evidence that shows how yoga practice helps fight anxiety. It works by reducing the effect of the exaggerated stress response, so it could be helpful in relieving depression and anxiety. Yoga works just like other self-soothing techniques, such as relaxation and meditation, or even socializing with friends.


In addition, yoga reduces perceived stress and anxiety by modulating the stress response systems. In turn, this process reduces heart rate, eases respiration, and lowers blood pressure. Some studies also suggest that yoga practices increase heart rate variability, which is a useful indicator that shows the ability of the body to deal with stress flexibly.

Improves Brain Health

Besides the stress-reducing power of yoga, it also boosts one’s brain power. The exercise helps to clear your mind, and improve concentration and memory capacity. Yoga makes it easier to increase performance while working on daily tasks. Participants of yoga benefit from getting greater mental focus, which means they can do their duties better and can achieve better results and satisfaction. So, if you are traveling to Thailand, many reasons should motivate you to go for yoga in Chiang Mai.


There are different forms of yoga practice ideal for different categories of people. Some of them include strenuous postures that are not suitable for people with mobility problems and the elderly. If you have problems with your back, you should check the kind of yoga you sign up for. Consider talking to a clinician to know what you should avoid while doing yoga practice.


Many patients with depression, stress, and anxiety will find yoga a perfect way to relieve their condition. It is a suitable solution to manage stress symptoms, and the few scientific studies demonstrate that it helps to create a connection between the body and mind, and the focus is to ensure the relaxation of both the body and mind. Good yoga practice is low-risk and will give fantastic results.

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