How You Can Ensure That Your Hair Cutting Scissors Needs Sharpening?

What is the most essential tool for hairstylists and barbers? The answer is hair-cutting shears. Cutting the hair of the clients and giving them the style they want enhances your reputation as a hairdresser. And if the scissors are causing frustration and the client’s hairs are bending or pushing, you may end up feeling annoying. Your customer may have to suffer split ends as a result. Do you want that? Obviously no.

What is the solution? Your scissors might need sharpening for its best use. But how can you ensure that whether your scissor needs sharpening or you need to buy a new pair? Don’t worry; we have got your back. We have come up with the signs that you can look for to determine whether your scissor needs sharpening or not.

Not making a smooth cut – You have been using the shears for a while. Suddenly you feel something is wrong. You need to check where the problem lies. You should first wipe the blades and pivots. After that, apply some oil to the blades. If you still don’t get the tools to perform right, you might be in need of hairdressing scissor sharpening that can fetch you the desired results.

Hair is pulling – Some scissors pull or grab the hair of your clients. If you are finding the same, it is time to sharpen your hairdressing scissors. Cleaned, oiled, and sharpened scissors are best for hair styling purposes.  

Shears become dull easily – When did you get your scissors to sharpen the last time? If it was the bad sharpening at that time, you might face the repercussions later. After sharpening, your scissor should last for as long as it originally did before the servicing. If it becomes dull quickly, there is no point in spending money on sharpening. Instead, you can go to buy quality scissors. Ensure to use the right techniques for sharpening your hairdressing tools.  

Hair is pushing away – Shears should not push the hair of your clients while styling their hair or making straight cuts. If they do so, switch them with the best hair cutting shears that you can get online from reputable stores.

Feeling pain in the wrist – How do you feel when you have to handle dull shears with your hands? Obviously, tiring and laborious. You have to work more than usual to handle a dull pair of scissors. You might also experience pain and strain in your hands. What is the solution? Getting your shears sharpened can take away all the hassle you are facing.

Feeling crunch while cutting hair – The possible cause of feeling crunch in your wrists is due to the nick or nicks in the blades of the scissors. As soon as you know there is a nick in your priced tool, get the scissors sharpened and make the haircutting experience seamless.

To sum it up

Look for the signs as mentioned above and get your scissors sharpened for seamless results. Let your customers say that you believe in styling their hair in the best possible manner with excellent tools. 

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