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An employment attorney specializes in representing employees or employers in a wide range of employment-related matters. There are a variety of national and federal laws governing the treatment of workers. These include sexual harassment laws, anti-discrimination, and laws governing employee benefits.

To find a qualified employment attorney, you may need to gather referrals and set up consultations with each lawyer. However, there are good lawyers out there, so knowing how to choose the best one can be challenging. This article discusses how you can find the best employment lawyer for your case.

Finding an attorney through referrals

Contact your national bar association. If you are looking for an employment attorney, a good place to start with is communicating with your state or county bar association and asking for a referral. Many state bar associations have a Find an Attorney feature on their website. If your state bar offers this service, you can find employment laywer kansas city near you by conducting a simple search.

Some national bar associations provide the public with a list of attorney referral service organizations that have been certified by the state bar. You can then communicate with the organizations and get referrals. Many counties and cities have their bar associations as well. Like state bar associations, they may provide a referral service. A county bar association should have a referral service where the public can consult with a lawyer who is an expert in a particular area of law. 

Ask family or friends. A good source of referrals is friends and family or anyone else you know, such as workmates. Ask them if they have ever hired an employment attorney. Try to get a feel for their experience with the lawyer.  

Ask another attorney. Lawyers are a good source of referrals. If you have hired an attorney for a non-employment matter, you should ask that lawyer for their recommendation to an employment attorney. Other attorneys are well-positioned to know the reputations of many employment lawyers and can steer you in the right direction.

Researching recommended attorneys

Visit the lawyer website. Most lawyers now have a web page regardless of whether the attorney works in a small firm or is a single practitioner. You should pull up the lawyer webpage, but if you don’t have a direct URL, search for the lawyer in your favorite web browser by typing the name and the city the lawyer practices.

Check for experience in employment cases. The attorney should list representative case files they have worked on so far. You should check to see that the lawyer has handled some employment-related matters in the past few years.

Likewise, look to see that the attorney has handled employment matters like your own issue. Some lawyers specialize in representing employees or employers, so this must be apparent from the website. The lawyer may probably include a short description of the representation and state whether they advocate for the employer or employee. If you are not clear whether the lawyer represents only employers or employees, then you can ask them when you call to set up a consultation. 


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