How You Can Naturally Consume CBD


Many studies show that CBD can benefit your health, and it can help different health complications like anxiety, stress, and epilepsy. The stigmatization of CBD and linking it to cannabis is dying with time. The several popular ways you can use to consume CBD include inhalation, topical application, ingestion, and sublingual. When you buy CBD from, use the following ways to consume it naturally. 


Inhalation via vape or smoke

The fastest  way to enjoy the CBD effects is through inhaling. When inhaling, CBD travels directly to the lungs and into the bloodstream. You can either choose to smoke or vape CBD. In smoking, you can either use an oil rig resembling water pipes. You can also decide to roll a joint containing CBD cannabis. If you use the  latter, you will consume more THC since  there is increased  concentration. Smoking offers a high CBD concentration and delivers it faster to the system. The disadvantages are that smoking is harsh to the throat and lungs. It also needs extra tools like joint paper, an oil rig, and the dabber.

You can vape CBD using a vaporizer pen. If you are new to this method, use a vape starter kit from a known vaping company. Vaping gives the same CBD concentration with the effects of the harsh feeling of smoking.


Topical application by creams and balms

If you can't handle inhalation, then it's possible to use topical products. The topical application method involves using ointments, creams, or balms on the skin. The process works well for skin conditions, sore muscles, and migraines. 

You can apply the balm to sore areas like the feet, back, or neck. For migraines, you massage the temples.


Edibles (ingestion)

Edibles are the most popular way to consume CBD. You can eat CBD oil directly, or you add it to food. You can also use the CBD lollipops or gummies as they are tasty and a private way of consuming CBD. They work well, especially when at work. CBD edible effects take some time to surface, so it's advisable not to take too many of them. Start by eating a small portion, wait for results within two hours before you take more edibles. 


Buy the CBD tinctures if you need to use this method. Place a few drops of this tincture beneath your tongue, and hold them under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Sublingual is a discrete method that will keep you relaxed and calm. It's an easy method without the need for any extra equipment, and you can control the dose and get long-lasting effects.



CBD can aid in relieving any chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and others. It's good you understand that there are many ways you can consume and enjoy CBD and its effects. Choose between topical application, vaping, sublingual administration, or edibles. You need to do proper prior research for you to achieve an enjoyable and smooth experience. Remember that your best consumption method depends on your needs and preferences. 


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