This page will tell you how your favorite café roasts your coffee to perfection so that you can go and do it yourself at home. Many coffee shops guard their recipes fiercely, so look no further than here to find out how exactly you can get started. Everybody loves coffee. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have woken up to the fact that we can make our favorite coffee at home. Rather than going out in search of it, we are now ordering ingredients to our houses, and turning our kitchens into our own personal coffee shops.


Here is how your favorite café roasts your everyday coffee to perfection, and how you can do it too!

Import Green Beans

Green beans are the first step in roasting your coffee to perfection. Green beans, when roasted, turn brown and become the little dark nuggets we associate with coffee. These beans can be sourced all over the world and can range from expensive to inexpensive – you can import sample packs so you can decide which you prefer and which you do not. A sample pack is a great way to establish your favorite variety of bean, and they can be picked up at a low cost. Depending on how many beans you buy, you may have to pay a separate import tax. In the long run, importing these beans and making coffee at home can work out to be significantly cheaper than the overall price of a lifetime of café coffee, and tastier, too. There is something incredibly gratifying about making your own coffee, perhaps it is the hard work, perhaps the knowledge that you have gotten the beans directly from the supplier.

The Roasting Method

There are many methods of roasting your beans. Your favorite café will, of course, use a coffee bean roaster, but if you do not have one, and should you want to do it another way, there are options available. You can roast your beans directly in the oven on a tray, or you can even use a popcorn machine. These methods are more suited to a professional roaster, and for a beginner, you should certainly use a store-bought roaster. You do not want to compromise your roast from the very beginning, so rather than trying to take shortcuts, do it professionally for a delicious cup of coffee.

Set Up Your Roasting Space

It is essential that you set up a good roasting space. A good roasting space requires ventilation. You can use your ovens extractor fan, open a window, roast in the garage, or roast outside. It is important that you have airflow, not just for the quality of your roast, but for your safety. You will also need equipment like scales so you can measure how much you are roasting per batch, a thermometer, and a set of kitchen gloves for handling hot items. You may also need a small handheld fan to cool down your beans, and a sieve.

Begin Roasting

Once you have your equipment prepared, have decided on a method, and have set up a proper roasting space, then you can begin roasting. If you have a home roaster, then you need to look no further than the manual. An air roaster may take fifteen or so minutes and a drum roast around twenty. The lower the temperature, the longer your roast will take, but you should adjust this for flavor – a low temperature can impact the flavor and make it much more delicious. You must move the beans constantly when you are roasting them, as it ensures an even roast. If you are roasting the beans in a pan or a pot, then you will need to keep the beans moving by hand.

A traditional café will, of course, use a roasting machine, and the quality of their machines often means that the coffee they produce is unrivaled.

Cool Those Beans

Once your beans have reached a desired color and temperature, then it is time for you to cool them off – if you live in a cool climate then you can simply put them outdoors – if you live in a warm climate then you can blow your handheld fan at them while they sit in a foil-lined bag. Your beans will continue to roast until you have cooled them down, even if they are no longer in the roasting machine. You must also remove the husk of the bean.


Now you know how your favorite café roasts their beans to perfection, and a few ways that you can do it yourself at home on a budget. Coffee is delicious, and the closure of coffee stores should not prevent you from getting your daily dosage. 

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