Card Games

Hoyle has the cutest games for children. The card games are aimed for kids four through six years old. They design playing cards that hone in on the skills of children that requires development.  The cards teach the children how to use their intelligence, how to play fairly with others, and how to have fun. The basis is that even though you are learning lessons, it does not have to be boring. Lessons are fun too!

Bonding Time

Hoyle has created these card games so that the children can play with their parents, and make long lasting memories together. Their game, Sharks are Wild has received the 2017 seal of excellence award. Sharks are Wild is a card game that teaches sequence building and numeral identification. The cards are themed with very fun sea creatures. The Piggy Bank card game is one of my kids favorites. It teaches counting by fives and tens. Also simple addition and subtraction using coins. My kids loves taking turns drawing cards from the pile and earning coins.

Math Skills

Catch’n Fish teaches number sentences and numeral values with addition and subtraction. This one has earned the Mom’s Choice Awards. I can see why! First you spin the wheel of numbers, then you add pairs of cards to make a catch. It is so fun spinning the wheel. Sometimes the kids can even make two or three catches in a single spin. They love it when that happens. The first player to make five catches is the winner. Playing this card game repetitively, the kids are getting better and better with their math skills.

Social Skills

Monkey May I is an emotional intelligence game. It teaches self awareness, self control, and making good choices. It is similar to the game, “Simon Says”. Children become mindful of their social skills. It is easy to learn and the kids enjoy playing it. The little monkey with the most monkey money at the end, wins the game.  Super Me is another emotional intelligence game. It involves memory and matching. The game has scenarios of emergency situations and kids can learn empathy for others. It teaches that anyone can be a hero by helping others. I really love these type of card games. Hoyle also has a waterproof deck of cards that can get wet. So its perfect for traveling. Then there is also a Six in One fun pack which are six different games with counting, letters, colors, and other life skills.

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