For me, hydration of my hair is very important. When it has enough moisture, it looks and feels and is healthier. However, I don't want my hair to be weighed down while I am trying to keep it hydrated. So, when I was recently introduced to MASAMI's Mekabu Shampoo and Conditioner, I was excited and intrigued because their products I received, according to MASAMI, “give your hair massive levels of botanical hydration without weighing it down.”

Mekabu Makes A Difference

You're probably asking, “What is mekabu?” Mekabu is a part of a sea plant. And, according to MASAMI, mekabu contains “ocean vitamins and minerals to leave your hair healthy, (shiny) and gorgeous.”


So, MASAMI has taken mekabu and created a wonderful line of hair products that provide you with the wonderful benefits of mekabu and other ingredients. And, they've also taken great care to create formulations that are free from the following chemicals: parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. And, both the shampoo and conditioner are vegan and cruelty free (no animal testing).

I tried their shampoo and conditioner and truly love both. Their scents are beautiful and not overpowering, and they keep my hair smelling fresh throughout the day. After washing with both, my hair did feel extra wonderfully soft and not weighed down. And, what I especially love about these products is their inclusion of natural ingredients to help provide the hair with additional benefits. In addition to mekabu, the shampoo also contains apricot and coconut oil. And, the conditioner has Kombu seaweed, aloe vera, and blueberry extract in it. And, what's even cooler is the fact MASAMI gets their mekabu powder fresh from a family-owned seaweed company in Japan!

A Great Mother's Day Gift She Can Use!

Mother's Day is around the corner. MASAMI would make a very nice gift to help pamper mom!  You could purchase various MASAMI products to create a beautiful gift basket full of things she'd be able to use every day! Shampoo and conditioner are something just about everyone can use. They even have a Mekabu Travel Kit that would provide mom (or you) the opportunity to try a variety of MASAMI products. So visit their website and see what they have to offer.

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