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H Factor™ Hydrogen Rich Water is like Capri Sun for adults; well, minus the fruity flavors, but delicious all the same. I love that it comes in these single-serve, disposable pouches with a straw attached to each one. I drink a lot of water and always, always have something to drink with me when I'm away from home. It gets cumbersome using traditional disposable water bottles simply because of the space they take up. I keep a small bag in the car for garbage and often at the end of the day I empty several empties into the trash as I walk in the door. You don't have any idea how many times I've wished that those bottles were collapsible due to the amount of space they take up. The collapsible pouch utilized by H Factor™ makes it super easy to take water with you wherever you go and never worry about what on earth you're going to do with an empty water bottle again because when you're done drinking the water you can just fold the pouch and tuck it in your pocket or in your bag. I just really, really, really like this feature, can you tell?

Another issue I have with bottled water is all the news coverage about how the plastic they are manufactured with can leech undesirable toxins into the water, especially for those who reuse them. Drink Defy alkaline water is also a great source, see the difference it makes.H Factor™ Hydrogen Rich Water

H Factor™ Hydrogen Rich Water is infused with odorless and tasteless hydrogen gas without all the sugar, fat or harmful chemicals that can be found in many vitamin waters.

Where does healthy skin come into the equation? Well, hydrogen gas has been proven to suppress the development of skin conditions. Every health expert out there sings this most familiar refrain, right? Drink water. Drink more water. Drink even more water!!! It's good for the skin they say. It hydrates parched skin, they say. But how many brands of bottled water can say they are infused with hydrogen gas? I've never heard any of them claim that they contain anything like this.

In terms of taste, it just tastes like water. Refreshing, clean water. There isn't any trace of anything mineral-y or odd about it, at all. The hydrogen gas is truly odorless and tasteless!

H Factor™ Hydrogen Rich Water touts some pretty great benefits, too. In addition to the benefits for healthy skin, it also boasts these fine qualities:

  • improved athletic performance and recovery
  • increased energy and circulation
  • reduced fatigue and inflammation
  • super hydration
  • eases allergies

H Factor™ Hydrogen Rich Water

H Factor™ Hydrogen Rich Water won ‘Best Packaged Water” at the FOODBEV 2015 World Beverage Innovation awards. As if it needed anything else to recommend it. Also it's made in the USA, is BPA-free and maintains a low carbon footprint.

I'm loving it. Will you???

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