Well, I finally went to the eye doctor, after so many years and it's a good thing I finally did. My eyes have got so bad, that now I am using Bifocals. If your anything like me, you are like no that's fine I don't need them, just give me some reading ones. I am afraid that people will notice, and make comments.


Nowadays there are so many, great fashions in glasses and no one will know you even have bifocals on. I was able to get a great and cute pair, with progressive lenses and you cant even tell.


Coastal took the time to help me, pick out the second pair that I can use as my readers for the computer. They are perfect and I love them. Whats great is they have Kodiak Blue Reflex lenses and are helping me cut down on the harsh glare and the strain I was doing to my eyes. If you're always on the computer, you are overexposing your eyes to the digital screen all the time, my new glasses have helped me with that.


Derek Cardigan was soon joined by Kam Dhillon, Joseph Marc, Love, Perspective, and more. All of our exclusive brands are produced by a number of inspired and inspiring designers, each of whom brings their own unique aesthetic to our overall goal of bringing beautiful, functional design to life.


You can choose from regular lenses, sunglasses, transition lenses, or Kodak BlueReflect lenses which can come in nonprescription.


The Mina eyeglasses are simple and luxurious. This modified rectangular design follows the natural brow line and beautifully defines the eyes for a flattering shape on oval and heart-shaped faces. The frame has a medium fit and includes light titanium spring hinges for added comfort.

Its very simple to order, give them the prescription and they do the rest, I had mine within the week and was so happy with them. Comfortable and stylish. I still have to use my other ones, for everyday use but these are just right for the computer and the hours I spend on it.

Pick your pair today, and see how good they do for you.



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