Drinking coffee in the morning is a habit that many of us have. We like the taste of it, we like that it gives us energy, being a great cure called by others „a gift from heaven”. But, there are some scientifically proven facts about coffee that you need to know and the great news is that we are going to tell you about those in this article and why is a better idea to replace coffee with Black Latte if your intention is to lose some weight. 

What are the disadvantages of drinking coffee?

In case you didn’t know, coffee can have impurities in it, causing a general bad feeling that can ruin your whole day. Furthermore, if you are drinking too much coffee, that can cause insomnia and it can give rise to your cholesterol. 

Also, it can causes calcium loss and it is known for leading sugar cravings, which means that you will gain some weight (black latte pareri).

A great replacement for coffee is Black Latte, a cure for losing weight. While coffee is responsible for gaining extra pounds, Black Latte comes to help you getting rid of fatness. 

Black Latte is made with charcoal, dry coconut milk, omega-3 and l-carnitine. These ingredients are awesome for your body and mind because it can burn the fat and produce dopamine. 

Black Latte can give you as much energy as coffee does?

This product is very good for your metabolism because it accelerates it. But, due to its unique composition, Black Latte can easily replace coffee because it can give you energy for the entire day. 

Omega-3 is incredibly important for your body and brain. It is a powerful ingredient with a lot of benefits for our health. 

First of all, omega-3 is very effective against anxiety and depression and can reduce liver fat. Also, in contrast to the coffee, Black Latte, because of its olega-3, has been discovered to be extremely efficient to improve sleep. 

The secret to more energy is l-carnitine. L-carnitine is a substance that can increase your athletic performance. 

It is responsible to transport the fatty acids into the cells mitochondria. When fat is used to create energy for you, your body will be shaped in a harmonious way, which means that you will benefit from constant energy, but also from a beautiful body. 

Burning fatty acids faster than usual will cause a very rapid weight loss. 

A great day is known in the morning, and a delicious beverage can boost your confidence (black latte forum). 

Besides charcoal, l-carnitine and omega-3, Black Latte has dry coconut milk. 

Coconut milk is one of the most popular milk, very tasty, which can provide a various number of benefits for health. 

We took a look at the nutritional composition and we found out that it contains: fiber, vitamin C, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium. As you can see, it is a nutritional treasure and the experts say that coconut milk is not stored as fat, reducing appetite and decreasing calories intake. 

We left the star ingredient at the end: charcoal.

Activated charcoal promotes healthy digestion, digestion having an essential role in the process of losing weight or gaining weight. Toxins affect the digestive system and immunity. For a boost of energy, charcoal is great because it will remove joint pain and improve mental functions.

How can we beat addiction and lose weight?

You control cravings, not cravings control you! How? By regulating your dopamine levels (pastile de slabit). 

The late night binge behaviour has a lot to do with this neurotransmitter, dopamine, because it makes us feel pleasure. It is released in very high amounts when we are eating sweets and unhealthy food, or any kind of gratifying activity (sex, dancing, smoking etc.)

When we have a low level of dopamine we crave food, but when it is too much, the addictive behaviours show up. 

Chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, sugar and cigarettes are very addictive and diets recommend to cut off all of these, but on restricted eating programs the appetites increases and people begin to be feel anxious and sad because of the dopamine levels which decrease slowly. 

Black Latte produces dopamine, it makes you happy. Now, with this kind of product you can quit smoking and drinking coffee, even if we know that this is a very common habit that a lot of people have in the morning. 

On the forum, Black Latte is highly praised, and people say that after 30 days lost 20 pounds. Also, we took a look at others opinions, Black Latte has proven to be a useful product. 

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