We All Need Some Ice Cream During The Holidays



Who doesn’t like ice cream, we sure do here. Anytime we can get some we do. Recently I found a place where I can have them delivered right to my door and I won’t have to go out to get it. eCreamery is the name and ice cream is the game, they have some excellent taste, and the flavors are to die for.

I can’t buy ice cream.  Not that I can’t per se but I just cannot predict how it is going to go. It is either feast or famine with me and ice cream, I either eat it up way too fast or leave it to sit there.  One of two things happens when I buy ice cream.  It ends up sitting there forever because I am just not in the mood for it and then I end up throwing it away because it is too old, or it goes in a flash and that is not good either because obviously eating a half-gallon of ice cream in a day or 2 is not such a good thing for my waistline. This being delivered saves me from that and we love this better, It is so good to head over and see for yourself.


This year’s eCreamery’s Holiday Seasonal Collection includes these four pints of hand-crafted
ice cream:

Chocolate S’mores – Chocolate Marshmallows Ice Cream with Graham Crunch,
Marshmallows and Chocolate Chunks
Peppermint Bliss – Peppermint Ice Cream with Swirls of Peppermint Frosting and Red
Velvet Cake Pieces
Butter Pecan – Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Praline Pecans and Caramel Swirls Toffee
Snickerdoodle Cookie – Cinnamon Ice Cream with Snickerdoodle Cookies

And if you love ice cream you will enjoy these flavors, nothing says holidays then some great flavors, and they all tasted so good. They also have the 12 days of Christmas flavors that you can enjoy as well.

All of these flavors are just as perfect , and they come with the most delicious cookies, Thats what these flavors did for me, peaked my interest in the tastes and what the flavors were, we got 4 different flavors and each has a taste of their own, none tastes the same. There are some great flavors and they are all for the holiday season in mind, my husband ate them before I had a chance to take pictures, he was these are so good.


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