iCoffee Opus is prefect for those who are always on the run and only want to brew one cup at a time. If you’re interested in a quality Brewer that is AFFORDABLE then the iCoffee Opus is what you’ll looking for.

The iCoffee Opus from iCoffee is a single serve brewing system that gives you everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee, every time. Like many popular single serve machines, it uses coffee pods to make a single cup at a time. But the iCoffee Opus takes the standard formula up a notch by both steaming and stirring, ensuring a perfect brew every time. It makes for a surprisingly smooth cup of coffee, regardless of the brand of cups you use – and it works great for cocoa and tea too.


The iCoffee runs very similar to the Keurig and can in fact use Keurig Coffee pods. It also includes a reusable cup to fill with your favorite ground coffee. You must be thinking why not just buy a Keurig and be done with it? The newer Keurig machines only allow their K-Cups to be used via a reader which hurts those folks who want to use their own grind.

The iCoffee had a few sample cups in the box which was great for Ray, he loves it and uses it all the time. Easy to use and the whole thing is pretty when its on and working.
he single serve brewer from Remington Designs is called the iCoffee Opus Single Serve and it is the world’s first single serve brewer to use SpinBrew technology that produces a dramatically smoother and better-tasting beverage from any K-cup compatible coffee pod.


The SpinBrewis a technology that uses a patent-pending SPINNING needle with jets that steam and stir the grounds inside the K-cup creating a French Press effect that cannot be achieved by other brewers. This revolutionary brewing technology virtually eliminates the bitter and acidic aftertaste often associated with single serve coffee makers.  Take it from ,e this is a perfect machine, we love using it when we do and the way the whole thing lights up when you use it is so pretty. Loving my I coffee and wish I knew about it sooner.


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