How to Save Your Cosmetics from Heat

Have you ever brought your make up in your bag and left your bag out in the sun? Then when you checked your bag and went to grab your lipstick, you realized it has melted? How frustrating is that! You have spent so much money on your cosmetics and they have just become ruined. You have smeared red lipstick all over your hands. You have melted eyeliner that you cannot use to put on your eyelids. Then, all the rest of your make up has stains, smudges, and gunk from the rest of the make up that has melted and fell apart. You can't always control the temperature outside. And you can’t carry around a cooler to put your sensitive items in. But what if you can? What if there was a bag that was like a mini cooler that you could carry around with you? It would keep your cosmetics cool. It would keep them safe from melting in warm temperatures. There is a genius ideas, and it is the Icy Bag. This icy bag is an actual bag that holds ice!

Icy Bag

The icy bag is essentially a bag that is insulated. It has a gel pack that you can insert into a sleeve in the bag to keep your items cool. The icy bag is not only functional, but also very fashionable. No one can tell that it is an insulated bag. It looks normal on the outside. It looks just like any other make up bag you would have. However, on the inside, it has foil insulation. Then sewed into the bag is a string with the pouch that will house the gel pack. The gel pack is removable. You put the gel pack in the freezer until it becomes hard. After it is ready, you put it inside the sleeve that is inside your make up bag. The sleeve is great as it will capture the moisture and does not spread into your bag. Now, your cosmetics are protected from warm temperatures for a couple of hours. This is so convenient if you know you will be spending a few hours outside where there is no shade and no air conditioning.

Insulation and Gel Pack

The icy bag can also be used for snacks, not just for cosmetics. I have used it to carry carrots, celery, and a small bag of ranch. This icy bag is amazing. It works so well, because my lipstick and eyeliner remain in tact. I love that it is also very stylish on the outside. So no one will know that you are carrying an insulated bag with a gel pack. Privacy is still yours. The icy bag is available in three colors. They are turquoise and black, pink and tan, and pure black. It measures 8 x 6 x 2. As far as the gel pack, it is 3 ounces in size. You would store it in the freezer and simply pop it into your icy bag when you are ready to go. Easy peasy!

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