When you have a dog, they become just like part of the family. You start to understand why people say they are a parent of a fur baby because it can be like having a child. They also say that a dog is man’s best friend. As such, it means that you want to treat them and show you that you love them. Just like you would a child or a best friend. But how can you treat or pamper your dog? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.


First of all, you need to think about their kennel or bedding area. Is it comfy and luxurious? If it isn’t, then they would be likely to want to sleep in your bed! So getting a plush bed for them is a must. So you need to learn a little about your dog, and where and how they like to sleep. Then you can make it a comfortable area, with lots of pillows and cushions. If your dog is a little older, it might even be worth investing in an orthopedic pillow, as it will be much more comfortable for them. Like us when we get old, they need a little extra support.




Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Or perhaps you celebrate the day that they came into your life? If so, this is the perfect occasion to treat your dog. Is there something fancier that they could enjoy eating? Steak or perhaps chicken might be a nice idea to give to your dog. This could follow on to occasions like Christmas too. Let them enjoy some turkey with you. You could also get them some little gifts to celebrate when it is their birthday or Christmas. Look online for a pet boutique and choose something fun for them. You could get them some new toys, a pretty new lead, or even a jacket for colder weather. Those would be perfect options for smaller dogs too.


When you think about what makes a good day out for you, I bet it doesn’t consist of the same things each time. So think about making walks or days out with your dog more enjoyable. Do you always walk to the same place? Mix it up and have a day at the park, rather than to the normal place you go to. You could even take your dog on a road trip with you. If you have enough space in the car, they can do pretty well on long journeys. Just make sure you break up the journey so everyone can stretch their legs.


Like with us, keeping well groomed can keep us feeling our best. It is the same for our dogs. If they have a clean coat, that isn’t matted or dirty; it will make your dog feel good. So regular grooming appointments are a must. You can even do it yourself. Just make sure that you have the right things to do the job. A sturdy brush or comb is essential, as well as some good quality dog shampoo.
Do you have any other ideas for pampering your pet dog? I’d love to hear.

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