During the warmer months of the year, I love nothing better than to sit out in my backyard and enjoy the sun. It's a brilliant way to relax, unwind and build up your Vitamin D levels too! It's also a nice way to escape from the outside world and soak up the sun's rays in peace.


Because of my husband's job, we often find ourselves moving to all corners of the globe. As a result, it is difficult to create a beautiful garden when you're not in one place for long. Even if he got based in the USA on a permanent basis, a cost is another issue.


I have visions in my mind of what I'd like my perfect garden to look like, but it would cost a lot of money! Today I thought I'd share with you what I'd do if money was no object and I wanted to create a stunning garden.


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The first thing I would do is have a beautiful patio area right outside the back of my house. I always think that the backyard area of any home needs to get “broken up” a little. A patio is a neutral area that helps to separate the house from the garden.


My idea of the perfect patio would involve getting some deck lumber fitted to the ground. I'd then have it stained to protect it from the weather. Next, I would have some LED spotlights installed to illuminate the area in the dark.


I also think an attractive pergola would finish off the looks of the patio. I don't know about you, but I'd find it a welcoming area to relax when I'm outside!




I'm an avid fan of garden ponds. I think they make any backyard more attractive and tranquil. There are all kinds of ponds you can create in your garden. But, for me, my ideal pond would be one that looks as natural as possible.


By that, I mean having large natural stones and boulders surrounding it. Perhaps it might also be under the shade of a large tree. I'm not that interested in ponds that look like the ones you'd see in aquarium stores!


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If money were no object, the house I'd live in would no doubt have a large garden area! I'd perhaps go a little extravagant and get a stream put in there! I just think it's such a tranquil and romantic notion in some ways.


Imagine being able to walk on a decked bridge across a stream in your garden. You could enjoy the sun, take in the atmosphere and not want to leave home! It's also a fun place for kids to play. As long as they don't fall into the stream, of course!




A garden isn't complete without an array of beautiful plants adorning it! I would want to have an assortment of exotic and domestic plants growing in my garden.
At the same time, I'd want to grow some vegetables too. In my opinion, nothing tastes as good as home-grown organic vegetables!

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