Recently given the chance to review this new item made by Il Bere they are charms for your glasses, u are proberly asking yourself umm how can this be. Il Bere sells charms for your wine glasses of many differnt designs

How they work ~

Our unique wine and drink charms incorporate small, super-strong magnets to securely hold the charms in place. They will attach to any smooth glass or plastic surfaces.

For use on side of stemware/glass

Remove magnet from back of card within packaging

Drop into glass

Hold charm to outside of glass until the two magnets attract

Slide to desired position

I was very inpressed by these they stay in place dont move around and can be used from your most pretty glasses to glasses that are just everyday to make them look nice, I would definately reccommend these to any one looking for a special gift for someones birthday or holiday or keep for your self because they are just so pretty.

Heres some info about Il Bere

Il bere, which means ”to drink” in Italian, is a concept that was born during a recent trip through Northern Italy. Marnette Wilcox and Chrissy Olsen packed up their husbands and took off for a romantic trip to Venice, Florence, Siena, Santa Margherita, and Lake Como. Wine was the staple of the trip, and there was no limit on consumption of the incredible vino available. With the consumption came the typical problem of remembering who put their wine glass where. “Mark your drink” became a common theme and helped create the concept of Il bere.

Chrissy and Marnette are both of Italian descent, and both were born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, moving to the West Coast to attend college. The pair did not meet until landing in Vancouver, Washington. It was in Vancouver that their children first became friends, followed soon after by their mothers, who have been best friends ever since.

Wine charms are not new by any stretch – Chrissy and Marnette wanted to do something different than the standard stem-secured charm. Their desire was to create something original, yet classic. The vintage earring look was something the two saw in Venice, Italy – they were very taken with the vintage jewelry there, especially the earrings. So while playing with their new purchases, they attached them with their clip to the rim of our wine glasses. They thought, “Wow, these are really beautiful, wouldn’t it be great to use them all the time as wine charms?” So the process of trying to figure out where and how to attach them began. The result is the first ever vintage wine charm, which sits beautifully on the side of the wine glass or uniquely on the base of the wine glass stem.

In the spirit of being “green” and attempting to re-use existing products, nearly all of the wine charms are created out of antique/vintage earrings. The Il bere ladies spend hours each week locating, purchasing, cleaning, and creating the wine charms. Any earrings purchased and not used for the wine charms are re-sold or donated and put back in circulation.

The response has been overwhelming. An initial fun and challenging craft project between best friends has turned into a new and thriving business. With some work and initiative they have been able to develop Il bere’s “classic” charm with an updated look, with designs can be customized with almost any design, logo, picture, and more!

Il bere is all about making your drink unique and special, as well as being ”sustainable” with all our designs and products.

**Disclaimer ~ I was not compensated for this post. I did receive products for reviewing & sampling purposes only. All thoughts are of mine only.**

Check out the website at


Pleased to say they are going to be doing a giveaway  for 1 set of classic And 1 set of vintage

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    i would give them to my sister in law or put them on our glasses 🙂

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