We have a total of 5 dogs here , 4 big horses and one little pug and when ILeesh contacted me I was more than happy to do this review . I knew that I wanted to get my sister something for the Sheppard she got on christmas eve.

ILeesh has a retractable leash and it says I Love MY German Sheppard . this leash features a comfort grip handle and a one hand blocking system. and a retractable tape style leash . This leash is available in black, pink and turquoise and they actually with bonus poop bag holder and 15 poop bags. You can choose from medium to large. Now granted Miss Kia only  6 months old she's already a horse, and this works great with her.



And of course I have my pug Bella so I wanted something for her too. So i choose the mouse pad, key chain and a Iphone cover and they sent me the airfreshner too.

They look just like her. The face and all, Ray took my mouse pad because shes his baby, I got the key chain and the cover. Bellas fawn not clack but its still as cute as she is, my chucky baby.

You can be sure your pet will be in your thoughts wherever you are with this gorgeous dog keychain. Easily fastened to house or car keys using the metal ring and chain attachment, this keychain would make a superb Christmas stocking filler or birthday present for a dog owner.

Measuring 1.55″ x 1.55″ this domed keychain features a full color image showing your choice of dog breed. Around the picture a customized message lets everyone know just how much you love your dog. The design is completed with a background of bone shapes and paw prints. Made from a durable Duro-Lenz material, this keychain is designed to last a lifetime, and will look amazing for years and years, no matter where you keep it.


  • Ideal as a gift for a dog owner
  • Customizable to a dog breed
  • Incredibly durable material



Keep your furry friend in mind as you work at the computer with this fantastic mouse pad. A great way to show how much you love your dog, this mouse pad would also make a thoughtful gift for any dog owner. Sized 8″ x 7″, the mouse pad has a gray background with silver bone motifs and paw prints. In the center there is a picture of your choice of dog breed, with the name of the breed written in red after the words ‘I Love My…’. The word love is shown as a red heart. There are 40 dog breeds available in stock, and over 200 can be custom ordered. Key features: Customizable to a variety of dog breeds The perfect gift for any dog owner A stylish desk accessory for a dog lover



Dog specific breed iPhone 5/5S case. Made of lightweight hard shell plastic, this case protects the back and sides of your iPhone 5/5S without adding bulk.

  • Designed for Apple’s iPhone 5/5S.
  • Hard shell plastic case with matte finish.
  • Access to all ports, controls & sensor

We have been using the leash on Kia and we are very pleased with it, its stood the test of her yanking and pulling it and  us dropping it because she's so big,  ILeesh has more than what I told you about they have so much more.

To connect more with the company you can do so here.

The nice people of ILeesh has agreed to give on eof my readers the choice of the same things I got  in the dog they want all you have to do is enter below and good luck.

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