Are you looking for competent employees who have the relevant experience in your field? As an employer or a recruitment officer, it is important that you run an employment history check for all candidates before hiring them. Needless to say, every employer looks for employees who can and will contribute to the success of the company.

Nowadays, it is hard to tell if the interviewee is right for your company or not by just looking at the person’s  résumé. You cannot tell for sure if the people you are hiring will be an asset, until you run an employment history check. This is the only that you will get to understand your potential employment in a deeper level.

However, not every employer out there understands how important employment history verification really is. Therefore, here are the benefits;

  • For starters, in most cases employees or interviewees tend to exaggerate their skills and abilities. Luckily by running an employment history check, you will get to know if the candidate was a troublemaker or not, a hard worker or not, a competent employee or not and so on.
  • By running employment history verification, you will know your candidate’s former job title and the responsibilities he or she had with her at her previous job.  
  • This employment history check will also provide you with the potential employee’s personal information. This will include their salary at their former job, the date of employment, the date of job termination, the reason for termination e.t.c


The Verification Process

As important as it is, employment history verification is a very time consuming task. Fortunately there are professional organizations that you can contact for them to run the employment background check for you.

Most companies run an applicant’s employment history check based on the information provided in the resume. And whether they companies does the verification itself or calls in a third party to help with the process, information like your salary on every job done before and the reason for terminating the job will definitely come up.

With that said, here is some meaningful advice to all employees or interviewees; to avoid embarrassment and possibly secure a job, be as truthful during the interview as possible. After all, the interviewer or rather the company will confirm everything you say with a well detailed employment history report. For more information click here, and get all the info you need and want. 

Additionally, ensure that the information provided in your resume is also true. Believe you me, even when the company doesn’t run an employment history check now, they will at some point in the future.

The verification organizations provide you with the relevant information about a person’s employment history in the most accurate fashion. Good news is, at the end of the day, you will know if the applicant has all the qualities that you are looking for in an employee.

Therefore, when it comes to employment history verifications, trust the experts.  With their help, you will be able to make sensible and informed decisions.



Carter Johnson is a recruitment officer in one of the local organizations. She has been recruiting candidates for the organization for the last five years. Carter believes that without employment history verification, it is impossible to find a good candidate for any position.

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