New Zealand is no stranger to electrical accidents, as is the rest of Australia. However, in 2011, the government of Australia and NZ decided to put a stop to this by passing a regulatory standard that required all businesses to frequently test, and tag all of their equipment to ensure that it was in working order. 

While it’s more commonly heard of in the construction and contracting industry, even the simplest office machine needs to be inspected thoroughly, and then tagged by an individual who has received the correct training. If you’re in New Zealand, you probably want to know all about testing and tagging, and know why you’ll want the best team of professionals to handle it. We’ll explain more later.

Benefits of Testing and Tagging

As we briefly mentioned earlier, testing and tagging is a way to make sure that all of your devices that have an electrical connection are in working order, but there are many benefits to it. For starters, your equipment is safer. Many companies use power strips, even industrial office buildings. By having all of these items that plug into an electrical outlet (including computers, office phones, office equipment, copiers, etc.) you can ensure that the workplace is completely safe, and your equipment is safe from power surges, which can in turn damage the equipment that is a necessity.

Your Employees are Safer

Of course, your employees are much safer when your equipment is tested and tagged. Many electrical accidents happen because of neglect to realize that the internal components of an object are failing, and this in turn can cause a shock or even fatal accident to occur. Even if the electricity isn’t the direct cause of a fatal accident in the workplace, it can be what triggers the chain of events that eventually lead up to the unfortunate conditions to happen.

Do I Hire Internally?

Some companies are pretty big, and they simply train their internal electricians’ team to be able to do this job. Unfortunately, this can put a big damper in time and efficiency in the workplace, not to mention the fact that the company itself is going to be spending more on each individual employee that is doing testing and tagging, and the process may not always be necessary.

By hiring an external team of what is called “Test and Tag Electricians”, you know that you’re getting the same work you would get if you hired internally, however you’re only paying for the service when it’s happening. You aren’t liable for individual payroll, licenses, materials, tags, or even insurance and workman’s compensation in the case of an accident. You can in turn save a lot more money in the long run by opting to hire a quality testing service to do the job for you, and still reap the rewards.


ETS Electrical Testing Services, found online at, has been around for years, and they can help you achieve the right regulation standards when it comes to making sure that all of your equipment is properly tested and tagged. They have special tools like thermal imaging, safety switch installation, and they even have fully certified electricians and service technicians that can help with other avenues.

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