When you have kids, you know they’re going to have plenty of sniffles, coughs and colds. It’s a part of growing up. They are regularly around other children, and illnesses can spread quickly and easily. Sometimes, you can come to realise that your child doesn’t have a mere cold and that something else is wrong entirely.


Recognizing the more worrying symptoms can be hard to do when you are a busy Mom. One of the most important things to keep an eye on is how much your child is drinking when they’re feeling under the weather. Dehydration can come on so quickly and become highly dangerous for your child. It is usually remedied in just a few hours with products like rehydration salts. Keep offering drinks every couple of hours.


High temperatures are another cause for great concern. Don’t just feel your child’s forehead and shrug it off as warm. A precise measurement from a thermometer will give you the answer as to whether you should call a doctor or not. High temperatures, over one hundred and one degrees should be taken very seriously.


Paediatric dentistry is essential to your child’s health too. The better your child’s teeth now, the better they are likely to be for their adult life too. Cavities can quickly become infected and cause your child illness and pain. Regular dental checkups can help prevent problems. It’s really important to teach your child to brush thoroughly from the age of three. This will help to avoid fillings and other dental treatments. And if you're looking for a reputable dentist for your child, http://gatewayoaksdental.com/ comes highly recommended


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Kids play rough and tumble a lot. They are always getting into scrapes, falling down, falling off things, and getting into bother. But there is a chance that one of those scrapes could be a serious injury. Look for paleness in their face, or a woozy look in their eye. Not all kids will admit how hurt they are when they know they’ve done something they shouldn’t have. Rapid bruising and swelling could be a serious problem that should be examined by the doctor.


Eyesight is a funny thing. Sometimes we inherit good or poor eyesight from our parents. And sometimes we have poor vision for no particular reason. Regular checks with the eye doctor or optician will help identify if your child has any vision problems. Even toddlers and preschoolers can be checked for long or shortsightedness. The eye can also giveaway sign of more serious health conditions, so it’s important to keep up appointments.


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Hearing can also be poor in kids with no obvious signs. Most children seem to live in a daydream world. But some can seem distant if they struggle to hear. Hearing loss can be caused by an infection or a more serious problem. Hearing tests can be conducted by your pediatrician, so alert him to any concerns.


Being a Mom is really hard. It can be so unbearable for us to see our babies fall ill or be hurt. But we’re the ones that have to man up and find the right person to help. Don’t ever feel you’re being over-worried. Your kids’ health is precious.


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