Important Things to Ensure Your Puppies Move to a Nice and Loving Home




Having a pet like a puppy is a major responsibility. It’s not supposed to be treated like a toy that you grow less fond of over time. In fact, you should grow to become more loving and appreciative of a puppy as it grows up. As a pet lover, you probably understand this well.


One of the hardest things to do as a pet owner is giving puppies away – especially if that puppy is the offspring of your own dogs. However, it’s fairly common to do this. Some people have to give away the puppy because they can no longer accommodate more dogs. 


Regardless of what your reason may be, we are sure that the last thing you’d want happening is having your puppy fall into the wrong hands.


Finding the perfect home for your puppy can be difficult but it’s completely necessary if you want the dog to live a fulfilling life. Here are some things you need to do to ensure that the puppies are adopted by the right people.

Know Your Platform

One of the easiest ways to greatly sort the potential new owners of your puppy is by picking the right platform through which you can put them up for adoption or sale. Before you ask others how to sell puppies online, you need to answer a few questions first. For starters, is it okay to sell puppies on any platform?


The short answer is no – it isn’t. Putting the puppies up for sale on open market platforms like Facebook Marketplace and even Amazon is a bad idea. For starters, these platforms don’t set any standards for pet owners. Anyone – irresponsible pet owners included, can buy your pet without you knowing it. 


Platforms that allow you to sell your pets or put them up for adoption often provide a strict application process for future pet owners. By setting the right standards, you can rest easy knowing that there are very minimal chances that your pet will fall into the wrong hands.

Check If The Interested Family Has Children

It’s no longer a secret that dogs are excellent companions to any family. It’s even better if you get a puppy that grows up along with your child. The bond they’ll be having will be memorable and loving. For this reason, you need to know if the home is interesting to the children living in it.


While puppies are generally great with kids, certain breeds of dogs are best suited as guardians and companions to children. These are the dog breeds that are not only loyal, they are also gentle, patient, and overall caring.


If your puppy is a beagle, labrador retriever, golden retriever, pug, or bulldog, or labradoodle puppies for sale then it might be a good idea to have them sent to a home that has kids. Not only is it going to be more fun for the kids, but your puppy will also enjoy the energetic atmosphere as well.

Give Them To Someone You Know 

One of the safest ways to find the perfect owners is to find people that you know personally. This could be friends, relatives, or even your co-workers. Since you already know these people personally, you’ll have an understanding of whether or not they can be responsible pet owners.



You can never really tell how your puppy will be treated once you give them to a stranger. One benefit to giving your puppy away to someone you know is that you’ll have the opportunity to visit the puppy every once in a while. If you have the puppy’s parents with you, you can set up playdates with them as well.

Be Transparent About Your Puppy

Chances are, you’ve already handled the puppy for weeks and you are already familiar with its traits and personality. When talking with an owner or when posting ads, be transparent with the details. Let them know the current problems or issues that the puppy has.


If the puppy has a chewing habit, let them know. If the puppy is affectionate, let them know. You should be as transparent with their bad habits as you are with their good habits.


Letting the bad habits be known immediately will give potential owners the opportunity to know whether or not the puppy is good for them. This is why we suggest getting to know the puppy better before having it move to a nice and loving home.

Ask Help From Others

When you’re having trouble finding the right home, then you might want to ask others for help first. Have your local veterinarian post about your puppy within their vicinity. This is a good idea as you are directly reaching out to loving pet owners inside the vet.


Aside from the vet, you can also ask your local shelter and rescue group for help too. They may have some contacts with people that are currently looking for a puppy. These people care for the welfare of your puppy as much as you do so they can find the perfect home for your pet as well.

Don’t Rush

Last but definitely not least, do not rush giving your puppy away. Just because one family looks to be the best doesn't mean they are already the best option. What you’d want to do is let the options just pile up for a week or so. Once you’ve already got a lot to choose from, weigh each of them accordingly.


The key to finding the best home for your puppy is comparing all of the potential pet owners that want to own them. Sure, it’s going to take more of your time to do this. However, what you get in return is a clear conscience knowing that your puppy is in safe and loving hands.


It’s tough letting a puppy go but as we’ve said, this is a very normal scenario to get yourself into. If it’s not you who’ll be giving that puppy the love it deserves, then the best you can do for it is to assure that it’s going with a loving family instead. Hopefully, our tips give you insight into this delicate but rewarding matter.

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