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In-Home Bar Must Have Accessories

I think pretty much everyone has an in-home bar now.  It may not be a traditional bar per se where you can stand behind it and have fancy shelves and all, but I think we all have something that can constitute as our bar, whether it be the top of a table when you have company (I have even used snack tables at times) or the top of your kitchen counter for parties (which is where I do it) or maybe you have an area set up in your dining room on the piece that you keep all your silverware and other things in (which is where I keep all my stuff on a day-to-day basis).

When I serve wine, I do not necessarily like having a bottle just sitting there open so I love my Crystal Decanter Set from The Urbane Apothecary.  It holds I would say 2 bottles of wine at a time, I only used one because I did not have 2 of the same and there was still plenty of room.  It is easy to pour with its thick neck and it does not drip (and I was pretty clumsy with the pouring on purpose).  It is beautiful, goes with any decor, and just looks so pretty sitting there.  I also love that it is hand blown, and it is also lead-free and BPA free.   The other thing I noticed, hand to heart, is that the wine tastes so much smoother after it is in the decanter.  I tasted the wine that I poured in the decanter before I emptied it.  It was a red wine.  It was (in my opinion) a harsh, dry wine.  At dinnertime a couple of short hours later, I tasted the wine from the decanter and if I had not poured it in myself I would have never believed it was the same wine.  It tasted so much better, so much smoother, and not even as dry (although I think the smoothness may have had something to do with that).  I was very impressed, and now I don’t have to worry about buying cheap wine because nobody will see the bottle!  This is available on Amazon.



Another accessory that is a must have that I never even thought about is my Boston Cocktail Shaker by the Urbane Apothecary.  Let me tell you about this.  No more grabbing 2 glasses to mix by pouring one into the other back and forth, no  trying to get a glass that is wide enough yet tall  enough to make a drink where  I want to muddle something (and speaking of muddling, trying to find something that will fit into a glass so I can do so, annoying).  You get an 18 oz unweighted shaker tin and a 28 oz weighted shaker tumbler, 1 jigger , 1 muddler , 1 strainer , 1 spoon ,  and 3 liquid pourers. Everything you could possibly need to make martinis or any other drink effortlessly.   This is also available on Amazon.


These are 2 accessories I didn’t even realize I needed until I had them, and now I cannot imagine not having them as part of my in-home bar.  You can look at The Urbane Apothecary here to see more of the products they have to offer.