Indian Fashion- Wardrobe Basics and Style Guide


Looking glamorous in Indian wear involves implementing various fashion tricks that will ensure you always look fabulous. Dressing well camouflages flaws while highlighting your best features. The intricate designs of both modern and classical Indian clothes showcase the outstanding quality of Indian fashion. Achieve the look you want by investing in basics and modern trends that you can wear during different occasions.


Kurtas are among the wardrobe basics that every fashion enthusiast needs. Kurtas made from cotton have the advantage of not being too clingy or too loose. They flow elegantly over the body and are available in different lengths, with knee-length kurtas that drape over the hips being among the most popular options.


Salwars are fun, stylish and are most flattering when they are designed to fit well. A slim fitting salwar is generally preferred in comparison to loose-fitting salwars because of their modern appearance. A narrower salwar will make you look trimmer and taller. You can combine it with a kurta of your choice. It also works well with a flowing blouse or shirt. Loose trousers made from lighter fabrics are comfortable and also go well with flowing shirts for a relaxing day out with family and friends.


The most important aspects of wearing saris or sarees include the drape and type of fabric. These have a significant impact on how your sari will look on you. The disadvantage of saris that are made from heavier fabrics is that they tend to be excessively voluminous and can restrict movement.

Lighter fabrics such as chiffon will enhance the drape of your sari and complement your silhouette. If you do not want to expose your stomach or waist, spread the pleats around your waist to distribute the fabric of your sari. Indian clothes online are available here.


After determining the sari designs that suit your style and body type, you need to consider the blouses that you wear. Lightweight blouses with interesting prints and patterns are ideal for a heavier upper torso.

If you are pear-shaped and want to balance out your figure, an embellished blouse will add volume to your bust area. Show off your arms with a sleeveless blouse or keep them covered with quarter sleeves. If you are interested in wearing the lehenga, consider the same factors regarding blouses when buying a choli.



Darker clothes are associated with an overall slimming effect if your goal is to look leaner in your Indian outfits. Dark colors effectively disguise so-called problem areas. To avoid a dull appearance, combine dark and light colors by drawing attention to your favorite features with brighter colors while downplaying problem areas with darker or solid colors.


After knowing the clothes to wear and the colors that work for you, remember to make sure that you pick the right accessories. Accessories such as Indian bangles and bracelets add an elegant touch to your Indian outfit. Wear beautiful neckpieces and bold earrings to match the patterns and designs of your clothing.


Sharon Smith is a freelance writer and fashion designer. She shares fashion tips and ideas through her articles that have been shared on different sites. Her hobbies include cooking, watching films and swimming. Learn more about Indian clothes online here.


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