Indoor Activities for Cold Days with Kids

Indoor Activities for Cold Days with Kids

Chilly days are hard on parents. Parents with high-energy kids know running around outdoors is a great way to tire them out. Even with the imminent freezing weather, though, there are still plenty of indoor activities to entertain them! Check out this cool guide on indoor activities for cold days with kids.

Arts and crafts


Have your kids paint on a variety of mediums such as paper, fruits, old coffee mugs, and more.

Make slime

There are tons of YouTube videos about slime making; put one on and follow along with your little ones.


Pick out some old t-shirts and get to dying. Best of all, after they are done, your kids can wear their fun t-shirts!

Cardboard box crafts

A child’s imagination is an amazing thing; a cardboard box and coloring supplies can turn a cardboard box into almost anything.

Make a book

Staple some blank pages together and set your children up with writing utensils. Read the stories together after they’re done for extra fun.

Create placemats

Have your kids design their own placemats. With the right decorating supplies, this can entertain them for hours. Have the papers laminated after and use them at dinner time.

Interactive activities

Build a fort

Help your kids make the ultimate fort with pillows, blankets, and pure imaginative fun.


Your kids can help bake cookies or even a cake in a mug! There are a lot of videos about how to do these on YouTube, so pick a fun one and get baking.

Dress up

Let your kids raid your closet, come up with outfits, and put on a fashion show for you.

Science experiments

There are a bunch of science experiments kids can try. Look some up online and have your little ones help pick out which they want to try.

Indoor obstacle course

Set up smaller furniture like chairs and ottomans, come up with rules together, and get to racing!

Family talent show

Give each member of the family an hour to come up with and perfect their act. Perform and vote for winners at the end—this is even more fun with prizes.

Low-supervision activities

Video games

Video games can teach your kids something new and give you time to focus on other things. Check out math games, or let your kids try strategy games out. Try and find games that involve their interests, as this is sure to motivate them to play even more. If your little ones are interested in fishing, for example, they may enjoy this game here until they are next able to go out and fish for real.


Movies are a fun treat and an exciting activity that can keep children entertained for hours. Stream the latest kid’s movie and watch your children get immersed in the fun.

Scavenger hunt

With minimal prep time, you can create a list of items for the kids to find around the house. Have them race to locate the items as quickly as they can.

Building blocks

Building blocks can create endless fun for children. Suggest building a castle or mansion to keep them busy building.


If you have an old phone lying around, download a fun picture app and let the kids get creative editing their own photography. Review the photos at the end of the day and discuss their artistic qualities.

Indoor hopscotch

Lay down some tape on the floor in a hopscotch outline and get your kids moving. Challenge them to master the art of hopping.

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