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Indulge with Graeter’s Ice Cream

After a long day, I like to end the evening spending some time with my daughter and sometimes a little treat. Ice cream is my daughter's favorite treat and I frequently oblige her request to have a bowl. But I want a creamy, rich, flavor filled ice cream. Graeter's Ice Cream is an ice cream like no other. They use the French Pot method to create each batch of delicious ice cream.Hand Crafted French Pot Graeter's Ice CreamEach  batch of Graeter's Ice Cream is made by hand by combining the finest ingredients and creating premium ice cream 2 1/2 gallons at a time. The process they use goes back centuries. There is no skimping on ingredients. When I was scooping out some ice blackberry chocolate ice cream this evening I had a huge chunk of chocolate! Unlike mass produced ice cream, Graeter's ice cream is produced in small batches so there are no huge heavy machines crushing all the ingredients. If they put chocolate chunks in the batch they stay as chocolate chunks. Each pint is hand packed. That's right hand packed! They scoop the ice cream into each pint. No machines involved. Their fastest employee can pack 15 pints in one hour!

Graeter's Ice Cream comes in a wide variety of flavors. You can order them online and have them shipped to your home or you can use the store locator and see which stores near you carry them. We went to a local high-end grocer to pick up a few pints. I ended up bringing home Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Black Cherry Chocolate Chip.  They even have seasonal ice creams! I saw online they have a pumpkin ice cream but I was unable to locate it in store. I'm seriously considering placing an online order so I can try it.French Pot Hand Crafted Ice CreamThe first one we tried was the black raspberry chocolate chip. When I oped the container I was surprised at how deep and beautiful the purple was. Because Graeter's Ice Cream uses real fruit the colors from the fruit come through. All the juice and raspberries created a beautiful color. While I was scooping out the ice cream we came across a large chocolate chunk. I know this says chocolate chip ice cream but really it seemed more like chunk. It looks like they took a large chocolate bar, broke it up and added it to the ice cream.  Far cry from what I have seen in other brand's chocolate chip ice cream. The ice cream itself is incredibly smooth and decadent. I highly recommend scooping your Graeter's Ice Cream into a bowl. If you eat it right out of the container you'll never stop!

We really enjoyed Graeter's Ice Cream. Our local store had a limited selection but online Graeter's has a large variety of ice creams that can be shipped directly to your home. They even have low glycemic ice cream and gelato!

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