Crumbolicious Crumb Cake

Crumbolicious Crumb CakeSpring is nearly here! When the weather gets warmer people start to come out of their homes and socialize.  I haven't seen my neighbors in months! Shortly after the weather started to turn back in November and the days started getting shorter so did the interaction in our neighborhood. We MidWesteners like to hunker down when it's freezing cold. But now, the snow is melted or melting, depending on where you live and the days are starting to get longer. We are starting to see life around the neighborhood! That means it won't be long until we start having our neighborhood get-togethers. And who wouldn't want to indulge their taste buds with some crumb cake from Crumbolicious?

Crumbolicious Butter Pecan Crumb CakeIn our neighborhood, the kids play throughout the yards while the parents sit back and watch. Sometimes we pull chairs up on someone's lawn and just chitchat while the kids ride their bikes up and down the street. We have been known to bring snacks to these adult gatherings. Crumbolicious makes these amazing crumb cakes that are meant to be shared.

Crumbolicious Butter Pecan Crumb CakeI recently share the Butter Pecan Crumbolicious Crumb Cake. After my first bite, I had the urge to grab the crumb cake and run but I didn't. I stayed and shared.  But that crumb cake didn't last long! It is, the best crumb cake, I have ever had.  The topping is my favorite part. With the icing drizzled and the large pecans, oh my gosh was it good!

Crumbolicious Butter Pecan Crumb CakeEach Crumbolicious Crumb Cake is made with a family recipe that has been handed down for generations. They use only the best ingredients, it really does make a difference. There are no preservatives so if you order one you'll want to eat it shortly after it arrives. They have several flavor choices, I tried the butter praline pecan and I loved it. They also have a lemon crumb cake which is perfect for spring!

Be sure to check out Crumbolicious's crumb cakes as well as their cookies. If you have little ones coming over, order some cookies along with the crumb cake. The cookies are amazing! I had their huge chocolate chip Valentine's cookie last year and I could not stop eating it! All Crumbolicious's goods are baked with fresh ingredients and love. Check out the full menu selection at Crumbolicios.


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