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Indulge Your Senses

Indulge Your Senses-Sense Ecuador-Preserved Roses-Superfoods Chocolate Pack with Chia Quinoa Golden Berries and Banana


I love to find new and interesting gift options to give to family and friends. Nothing seems more boring to me than giving the same old gifts time and again. Sense Ecuador offers many products that I think are very unique and make great gift options — everything from flowers and chocolate to clothing and home decor.

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Preserved Roses

If larger fresh flower bouquets aren’t of interest to you, a longer-lasting option are preserved flowers. I think the way these Hoja Verde Preserved Roses (shipped in little decorative cages) would look beautiful as a decoration on a bookshelf, a side table, mantle, or in a curio cabinet. Or you could take multiple roses and display them in a decorative bowl or basket. So many options!

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Preserved Roses

These are no mini buds, either. They are large and vibrantly colored — yellow, lilac, fuschia, white, blue, red, pink and green. So many different colors, you can surely find whatever combination that will suit your lifestyle.

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Preserved Roses

For those of us without a green thumb, (Like me, I don’t have a single live plant in my house because I can’t manage to remember to water them appropriately) I think this is a great option. These particular preserved roses need no watering. The are intended for indoor display in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. They should be displayed in a way that the petals will not be folded, crushed or pressed.

This is perfect for me! No watering. WIN. Long-lasting. WIN. Big and beautiful. WIN! You can have gorgeous blooms and neglect them without fear, fellow black-thumbers! LOL

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Superfoods Chocolate Pack with Chia, Quinoa, Golden Berries & Banana

Sense Ecuador also offers a delicious line of Hoja Verde organic dark chocolate with hints of the flavors of Ecuador.  Flavors included in this bundle:

  • Chocolate & Chia
  • Chocolate & Banana
  • Chocolate & Goldenberries
  • Chocolate & Quinoa

Sense Ecuador chocolate is organic, gluten-free, trans-fat free, and vegan. It’s also kosher, USDA certified organic, Fair Trade and produced though the process of EU Organic Farming meaning that the farming process is as natural as possible and minimizes human impact on the surrounding environment.

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Superfoods Chocolate Pack with Chia, Quinoa, Golden Berries & Banana

I love dark chocolate. Not everyone does, my daughters both find it more bitter than they prefer. They gravitate to milk chocolate or fudge options typically.

This particular selection of dark chocolate bars feature the inclusion of superfoods. Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Dark chocolate is considered to be more healthful than other varieties and when combined with superfood ingredients in bananas, goldenberries, chia, and quinoa are a great way to curb chocolate cravings while sneaking a little good stuff in at the same time.

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Superfoods Chocolate Pack with Chia, Quinoa, Golden Berries & Banana

My favorite of this selection was definitely the banana flavor. I like just about any kind of food that incorporates bananas or banana flavoring. I found the Goldenberries bar intriguing also as it is a flavor I’ve not had the pleasure of sampling before.

Sense Ecuador--Hoja Verde Superfoods Chocolate Pack with Chia, Quinoa, Golden Berries & Banana

Quinoa and Chia are superfoods that I don’t have much experience with, but I thought paired well with the chocolate bars. It definitely got me interested in looking into these ingredients a bit more to find out what health benefits they offer and the best ways of introducing them to my family.

You can find all sorts of other products from companies that participate in Ecuador’s artisanal community, too. Things like oils and seasoning spreads, hand-embroidered blouses and home decor accessories, straw hats and jute bags. Even jewelry! So many really neat items for yourself or to gift to friends and family! And they offer free shipping to the USA.

With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day coming up (and even Father’s Day not too far off) I think this will be a new and unexpected source for me when shopping for that just-right gift for my mom. I definitely want to get her some preserved roses, though in a lighter color. Perhaps this Happy Day Preserved Roses arrangement…

Sense Ecuador Hoja Verde Happy Day Preserved Roses Arrangement

Image Credit: Sense Ecuador

Everything about this is mood-lifting: the yellow roses are numerous and warmly-colored, the white accent is peaceful, the orange bursts of accent are invigorating and the neutral of the brown accents give the arrangement an earthy feel. I just know my Mom would love it! So this item is definitely on the list of contenders for her this Mother’s Day.

Take a few minutes and browse the website and share your favorite item (or something you know would delight someone as a gift) in the comments. Why did you choose that item? Love it just because, or does it inspire a bit of nostalgia or bring forth a memory of a wonderful childhood time?


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