Inflatable Carry Case. This is the best bag for transporting any kind of perishable items that you own. I personally use it as a pillow when I soak in the tub. A two for one item. I have also used it for my makeup. I make my own so I need case that will keep my containers and bottles from breaking and this is the best thing for that. We also have used it to transport some of our favorite drinks. This item is so cool. We didn't mean for it to but some bottles got bounced around on one trip and the bottle made to our destination in one piece. Not a leak or crack to be found.

Do You Fly… Drive… Ride… Hike… Ski… Or Sit at a Desk?
VinniBag is a durable travel accessory with inflatable air chambers that protect and insulate  liquids and fragile items. The chambers conform to the shape of the contents (one or more items), isolating and suspending them in an air cushion. It’s designed to provide superior protection against impact and leakage, is easy to use, and stores flat, rolled or folded when not in use.
And VinniBag is eco friendly – see our recycling program.

VinniBag is a Versatile Traveling Companion
Transport precious cargo in a suitcase, backpack, boat or car trunk. Protect your favorite items in an air cushion, and with VinniBag’s liquid tight seal, you’ll also protect the surroundings.

Ideal for wine & spirits, gourmet goodies, olive oil & balsamic, camera lenses, toiletries, wet & soiled items, medications, keepsakes & collectibles. Also great for cell phone & keys while boating or at the beach (it floats!).

And if You Don’t Ever Leave Your Desk…
VinniBag is a great gift item for wine & spirit lovers, frequent fliers, foodies& gourmets, sports enthusiasts, collectors etc.

Of course, you can use it too – as a bath pillow, headrest, or great lumbar support while you’re stuck at your desk.


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