A very popular thing nowadays is inflatables. Everywhere you go from street fairs to carnivals there are “bouncy houses” and the like. The problem is, you pay for a ticket for that and your child is allowed a few minutes to bounce around and then have to get out. Your child never wants to get out! Then you have to buy more tickets so they can stand in line for another few minutes and then telling them they need to get out when it is time when they want to keep bouncing.

Inflatable Zone has all your inflatable needs so you never have to worry about buying expensive tickets for a few minutes of bouncing. Your child will be thrilled they can bounce whenever they want, and it will keep them from being plopped in front of a TV or device all day long. Great for adults too, and not to mention the exercise benefits from it – which doesn’t even feel like it is exercise because it is so fun. In fact, I have a place near me that is all inflatables where you can take an exercise class. I am not even going to tell you how much money it is for a session – let’s just say it is not cheap, but it also is the best exercise I have ever done because it does not feel like exercise in the least, it is so fun you don’t even realize that you are helping yourself!


Zorb balls are awesome. Imagine yourself as a human bowling ball knocking down pins in the most fun game of bowling you will ever play. Or you can know exactly what a hamster feels like in its ball! Of course, you can also purchase a traditional Zorb ball for rolling down hills or racing your friends across the backyard. They will even custom make them if you have a specific color or measurements in mind.

If you have a pool or frequent the lake, it can get boring just standing in a pool or lake. With water trampolines you will never be bored. They go directly on the water and you can get a regular round one, or get fancy and get an iceberg shaped inflatable or a floating jungle.  Fun for children and adults alike – everyone will want to be in your pool or with you at the lake!


If you run out of ideas or are just tired of the same old thing during the summer or when you go away, take a look at the great water sports you may want to try. There are some great ideas and some you might not have even thought of. Trying new things is awesome and I am always looking for ideas to try!

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