New York, NY, September 24, 2014 – Chronic tendinosis is a common medical condition caused by a cycle of incomplete healing and re-injury until there are very few pain-free and functional periods and the injury enters a degenerative state. This is a pattern familiar to most athletes, a cycle that begins anew with the start of a new football sea-son.

Reversing these career-ending injuries is the focus for Replicel, and C.E.O. David Hall recently announced that their process of regenerative cell therapy is scheduled to begin clinical trials in Vancouver, BC.

“We anticipate starting our Achilles tendinosis clinical trial this September. The pro-posed trial design will include 28 patients who have Achilles tendinosis and who have undergone physiotherapy with no improvement. We will be giving them a single injection of replicated collagen producing fibroblast cells isolated from the dermal sheath of their own hair follicles.”

The injected fibroblasts should promote the healing process by producing proteins that are necessary for restoring tissue's structural integrity as well as type I collagen fibers which orientate themselves along the direction of the stretch of the tendon.
“The anticipated long-term outcome is the return of normal tendon structure, improved function and zero pain,” Hall concludes.

RepliCel appointed respected leaders in the field of treating tendinopathies to support the clinical development of its RCT-01 autologous cell therapy for the treatment of a va-riety of chronic tendon injuries. Jack E. Taunton, M.D., is the newest Clinical Advisory Board Member.

A visionary and leader in the field of sport medicine, Taunton is a Professor in the Fac-ulty of Medicine, Division of Sports Medicine at the University of British Columbia and has a clinical practice in sports medicine. He served as Chief Medical Officer at Vancouver's 2010 Winter Games and was responsible for basic and emergency health care and doping control. A marathon runner himself, Taunton became interested in medicine after surviving polio as a child and a severe car crash as a teen. He is also available for interviews.

An approach using autologous cell therapy has never been tried before but Hall and Taunton are eagerly looking forward to results from the clinical trials. RepliCel successfully pioneered regenerative cell therapy as a non-invasive cure for hair loss; that work launched this innovative treatment.

For more information about regenerative cell therapy for tendons, please visit the website:

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