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Innovative Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Pet


If you’re a pet owner, you know how easily and frequently your pets can come in contact with fleas and ticks. You also know that flea and tick collars are not only expensive but can also be harmful to your pet because of everything used in them to keep the fleas and ticks away. 


Did you know that you can use essential oils for fleas and ticks on your pets? It’s safe, all-natural and probably won’t cause any harm to your pets or your families. 


Having animals as pets is one of the best choices anyone can make. As humans, we can give them the love and care that they need and deserve. However, since we are humans, sometimes we miss out on the important little things that our animals need. 


Fleas and ticks are parasites that set up camp on your dogs and suck their blood and nutrients. This is a huge problem because fleas can eat more than 15 times their body weight in blood and this can cause your animals to suffer from blood loss and anemia. They can also cause flea allergy dermatitis. 


Ticks carry deadly diseases such as Lyme disease that can not only be deadly to animals but also humans. Lyme disease also causes:

  • Depression
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes and joints
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Fever
  • Kidney failure 


Flea and tick prevention and treatment help make sure your pets live a long, happy life. 


Using Essential Oils for your Pets

Flea and tick collars or other preventative medications the vet can prescribe are good for keeping the parasites away, but not always good for our animals. A great alternative is essential oils. They’re all-natural and you can control what goes in them. When used in the right quantities and applications, essential oils provide a flea and tick barrier for your pets and soothe irritated skin. 


Of course, there’s a risk to everything, but when used correctly essential oils are really helpful. However, you should avoid using the following essential oils on your pets: 


  • Cinnamon
  • Citrus
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Thyme
  • Garlic


The best essential oils for keeping your pets safe and flea and tick free are: 


  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Cedarwood
  • Rosemary 
  • Neem
  • Rose Geranium
  • Clove


The best ways to use essential oils on your pets for the best results are as follows: 


  • Mix a few drops in your dog's shampoo before bath time. This is perfect for when you’re using lavender, neem or rosemary. 
  • You can diffuse it for your animals! This actually doesn’t only help your pet, it also helps the entire family. The recommended oils for this are lemongrass, cedar and lavender. 
  • Make a spray out of them. Use an empty spray bottle to mix water and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Shake to mix and start spraying! You should use lemongrass or rosemary and spray it directly on your pet's coat 3-4 times a week. 
  • Apply it directly to the skin. Place a few drops of rose geranium, neem, lavender or clove directly to your pet. The best places are under the collar, around the shoulders and even the base of the tail. 


Make sure the oils are diluted first! 

Say Goodbye to Parasites 

It’s extremely important to take care of your pets' flea and tick issues. It’s not only good for the pets, it’s also good for your entire family. Using natural essential oils is great for your pet, especially since they can be applied directly to the skin. They also have qualities that can help the whole family rid of insects in the home while helping the pets stay flea and tick-free!

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