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Are you a sub-ohm vaper? Do you love sub-ohm vaping as much today as you originally did, or have you begun to grow tired of burning your coils and going through multiple bottles of e-liquid per week? If you’re thinking about going back to mouth-to-lung vaping, you aren’t alone. Although direct-to-lung vaping isn’t dying out by any stretch of the imagination, vapers around the world are deciding that they’ve had enough of cloud chasing and that they want to return to the qualities that attracted them to vaping in the first place. They’ve decided to go back to the higher nicotine, smaller vapor clouds and throat hit that characterize mouth-to-lung vaping.

So, how have we gotten here? Let’s start with a short history lesson.

The Rise of Direct-to-Lung Vaping

To understand how direct-to-lung vaping became a thing in the first place, you need to understand how the earliest e-cigarettes worked. The first cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes – models like the L88B – used disposable plastic cartridges that snapped over semi-permanent atomizers. The atomizers were weak, and the cartridges contained e-liquid-soaked sponges. To puff on an e-cigarette, you’d have to draw the vapor through the sponge. You’d get thin, wispy vapor clouds. Quite often, you’d also get e-liquid in your mouth.

Very quickly, handy members of the community looked for ways to improve the vaping experience. The first rebuildable atomizers were created by tinkerers working in their own homes. Using RBAs – usually in conjunction with mechanical mods, which were also originally created by at-home tinkerers – made it possible to generate extremely large vapor clouds. People equated the larger vapor clouds with increased enjoyment and satisfaction. Some people found that the larger vapor clouds helped to stifle their tobacco cravings. Others began competing with one another to see who could create the biggest clouds.

.It wasn’t long before sub-ohm vaping entered the scene. Vaping product manufacturers – very aware of the cloud chasing phenomenon – concentrated on creating tanks that could generate huge clouds because cloud production was a major selling point. Development of mouth-to-lung tanks fell by the wayside, and many local vape shops stopped carrying mouth-to-lung tanks due to a lack of demand. Accordingly, nowadays, people who vape can purchase a wide variety of different vape pen options to suit their chosen style of vaping with new products appearing on a regular basis.

The Problems With Direct-to-Lung Vaping

If direct-to-lung vaping is so much better, why are some people going back to mouth-to-lung vaping? One of the reasons why direct-to-lung vaping became so popular in the first place was because of the e-cigarettes designed for mouth-to-lung vaping in those days simply didn’t work very well. They didn’t generate vapor consistently, didn’t generate enough vapor, leaked or had a myriad of other problems. Direct-to-lung vaping setups simply worked better – and today, they work better than ever. You can buy tanks today with vapor production so great that there’s little reason to build your own coils unless you really want a fresh coil every day.

Cloud chasing has plenty of benefits, but it also has a few problems.

  • Some people who use sub-ohm vaping equipment consume up to 30 ml of e-liquid per day. For those people, paying for high-priced premium e-liquids simply isn’t feasible.
  • Even if you could afford to drain your tank a dozen times per day, is that wise? Do you really want to consume that much PG, VG and flavoring compounds?
  • If you need to consume that much e-liquid every day, do you really feel satisfied – or do you miss the throat hit that you used to get with your older e-cigarettes?

Why Is Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Making a Comeback?

To understand why more people than ever are returning to mouth-to-lung vaping – or never bothering with sub-ohm vaping in the first place – look no further than the pod vaping systems that are currently sweeping the world. Finally, manufacturers of mouth-to-lung vaping products have dropped the notion that e-cigarettes for beginners need to look like real cigarettes and have begun to simply build the best products they can – regardless of the shape. Pod vaping systems are easy to charge and use. Replacing a pod is as easy as pulling the old pod out and dropping the new one in – and since the pods have clear sides, you can always see how much e-liquid is left.

While better engineering is a major reason why pod vaping systems have taken over the beginner’s vaping segment, it isn’t the only reason – and it isn’t the reason why sub-ohm vapers around the world have begun “downgrading” to pod vaping systems. The real magic is in the e-liquid, and that magic is nicotine salt. If you haven’t heard of nicotine salt yet, rest assured that you’re going to be reading a lot more about it in 2018.

So, what is nicotine salt e-liquid? It’s e-liquid that mimics the state of natural nicotine as it exists within the tobacco leaf. Nicotine salt e-liquid is much smoother and more pleasant to inhale at high nicotine strengths than standard e-liquid, which means that the throat hit of a nicotine salt e-liquid at a given nicotine strength is less than that of a standard e-liquid at a lower nicotine strength. Switching to a pod vaping system with nicotine salt can allow you to use enough nicotine to keep yourself truly satisfied – without the severe throat irritation that would normally be a part of the high-nicotine vaping experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re already using a sub-ohm device, is it worth your while to try a pod vaping system and see if there’s still room in your life for mouth-to-lung vaping? Only you can answer that question, but we suggest that a pod vaping system may be worth your while if the sub-ohm experience has left you feeling less than satisfied. Have you continually bought each new sub-ohm tank, year after year, hoping that the slight increase in vapor production would finally make you happy? It’s possible that what you really want is a different way to consume nicotine. Mouth-to-lung vaping devices have recently reached a high-water mark that’s been years in the making. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for with sub-ohm vaping, you owe it to yourself to give the new generation of mouth-to-lung devices a try.

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