Space is in short supply these days. In city settings in particular, house and apartment prices are climbing. Even in more rural areas, competition for space is fierce. Many open stretches of land have now been earmarked for housing development and retail. If you’re lucky enough to have secured yourself a place of living, you will want to make the most of it. Moving, upgrading, and finding a bigger space can be more problematic now than ever. For many people, it is time-consuming and disruptive. But for others, it is completely out of the budget. But help is at hand. Wherever you live and however many in your household, there is a good chance you can make better use of your space. If you’re own home is starting to cramp your style, don’t immediately plan to move or crave a new space. Try out the suggestions below and you could revolutionize the use of a smaller space.


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No Room Left Unused


You might be amazed at the number of families and individuals who claim to have no space yet have largely unused rooms. Attics, basements, gardens, and garages are the worst culprits. Many people overlook their use as storage space or a genuine extra room because they fear an overhaul is needed. In reality, with a touch of extra care and some savvy rearranging, all rooms can be repurposed. If your garden has become unloved and overgrown, for example, it’s time to tidy up. Not only can the garden become a useful storage area if done in a weather-proof way. But it can also provide genuine space and relief if a house truly is cramped. A well-kept garden instantly looks more spacious even if it is only modest inside. If your house feels cramped or cluttered, it can provide a great breathing space to get outside and relax in your garden. Don’t be tempted to neglect it or simply overlook its uses. The same principles apply to the garage, basement, and attic. They can all be transformed into pleasant, useful rooms if we’re willing to apply a bit of effort. The garage might not currently be used for the car. It can be a perfect spot for tools and other essential items. We can even make it cosier with the addition of a few games or a pool table if we have the space! Socializing in the garage could free up space in the lounge or kitchen. We should ensure that it is well-maintained and accessible though. A quality garage door installation would be essential for easy access, and we should consider good ventilation too.


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Invest In Storage


We can think we are short on space when all we really are is untidy. Invest in intelligent storage such as stackable boxes or furniture with room to store bags and boxes underneath. Always ensure you’re not storing unnecessary material though, and have regular clean outs.


Rethink Your Furniture
A high proportion of us are “hoarders”, in that we find it so difficult to throw anything away. It is a good attitude to dislike causing waste. But there are more opportunities than ever to sell, reuse, and recycle. This not only frees up space but can provide a little extra cash!

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