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Finding My Energy and Making It Flow the Way I Want it to

Intention and Clearing Sprays from Interior Alchemie

At one point or another many of us have experienced hurt, frustration, and anger. Without a doubt, we do our best to overcome these feelings and move forward with our lives. At times, we can do so with our own minds and self-will.

Other times we would like more of a sensual experience that can help us realign our hearts and minds. With that, use Interior Alchemie. They are a company that creates intention and clearing sprays.

Flowing Energy Appropriately

The intent is to get past the negative energy and free the spirit and mind. Why? Because there are more beneficial aspects to life than staying stuck. We want to build a greater mood using our sensual senses and can do that by using intention and clearing sprays. If you think about it, your intention is an energy and what your energy is, is how the energy will flow from you.

So if you feel you need to be grounded time and time again, you can use Interior Alchemie. Their intention and clearing sprays are there for you to provide a platform to start your day with an intention. Then to end your day with the same intention.interior alchemie 1

Different Sprays for Different Intentions

Choosing a spray is exciting! There are so many great choices, it's hard to pick! The sprays infiltrate your olfactory senses and help you be immersed in a feeling and a thought. Spraying is like a representation of energy flowing outward. I love using some of these sprays after a deep clean of my home. In fact, these sprays can be used anytime you need to refocus. Seek your intention and let your heart be filled with that intention so it can flow out into the universe.

These beautiful clearing sprays are handmade. With a myriad of choices: Magic, Healing, Grace, Courage, Abundance, Love, and Wisdom; the right intentional healing can be shaped. There is a ceremony to follow. “Stand or sit with your feet firmly on the ground and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and feel in your heart the intention you choose and why. What would it feel like to be fully realized in your intention? Take a few moments to immerse yourself in that feeling. Open your eyes and spray around yourself or your space, imagining stagnant and low vibration energy clearing away, being replaced with your intention.”-Kara

Calming and Soothing Scents

The intention and clearing sprays have their own unique scents. One of my favorites is the Wisdom scent. The purpose of this spray is to see what’s hidden, make decisions based on a solid foundation, uncover hidden abilities and potential, and develop intuition and inner wisdom. I really love that these instructions are printed on the bottles with a unique picture correlating to the intention. It really helps guide me and make my spirit lift to where I intend it to be. Another beautiful intention is the Courage spray because here, you use your physical, mental, and spiritual strength. You trust in the universe and yourself. You face challenges with courage and gratitude and manifest in your dreams.

interior alchemie 2

Furthermore, being listed on the bottles are the scents so you can see exactly what you are spraying. I enjoy the Love spray. The ingredients are ylang-ylang, black pepper, rose, sandalwood, patchouli, turmeric, and grapefruit extract. Its intention is solely for gentle compassion, self-love, pacifying frustration and anger, invite love and passion, and having open-hearted creativity.

Aren’t these intention and clearing sprays beautiful? I thank Kara for allowing me to have a better flow of energy and grounding myself with the right intention.

Find out more at Interior Alchemie \ Instagram

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