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International Peace Day is celebrated on September 21, and people are marking the day all over the world in many different ways. Some are even having their Tarot cards read, to see what the future might hold for them. Have you ever had your cards read? Life is full of challenges, especially in times of unrest, and stress, and the rich symbolism of Tarot can help to clarify difficult situations and give insight into how we might find peace in our own lives.

The main reason so many people have their Tarot cards read is to see into the future; whether it's good or bad, people want to know what will happen. My own thoughts are that whilst I'd love to find out some things, part of me prefers not to know. But if the cards could tell me what is in store for me, I might be able to plan how I would deal with it. There are parts of my life I could have done with knowing about before they happened!

There needs to be peace in the world, and in families. There are a lot of things in my own family that need to be cleared up and put behind us. Without family peace there are many stressful days. So many big arguments begin with small comments, and one thing leads to another, so that in time you can't even remember what was said and why – just the stress. And then you have to try and make peace with that person. Maybe some of us need to find inner peace to have everything else fall into place. Inner peace is hard for me to achieve because of the stress of the day, but one of the ways I try to relax is to take a long, candlelit bath. Then I am more able to gain insight into the stressful aspects of life.

So what do you think? Do you have any special ways to mark International Peace Day? Do you have any tips for finding peace in your life? Or have you ever found enlightenment through a Tarot card reading?

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