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What do you get for the avid golfer in your life? I don’t have a clue! My husband is very picky and he is a great golfer. It is his ultimate past time. But he picks his own golfing gear and his own accessories. I can’t get him clothes, because he is particular about that too. But I would still love to get him something that he would enjoy and that also represents who he is at a core. His core is a golfer. But I figured out what I can finally do for him! It is to shop at the online store, “In the Sand Golf.”

In the Sand Golf, is a store with some pretty cute unique golf gifts for that special golfer in your life. It makes it easy to shop for him now, because I can skim through all the wonderful options the store has to offer and pick something. And I know he would love it. The store has prints, mugs, tees, other clothing options, books, and plenty of variating golf gift sets.

My favorite item from In the Sand Golf, are their cute coasters! The set is called, the “Wooden Boxed Sandstone Coaster” set. So what it is, is a wooden box with a set of four sand stone coasters. The coasters have cork backs for absorbing moisture. That is such a great benefit to keeping the table stain free. Each coaster takes a letter, spelling the word “golf.” The letters are amazing aerial shots of sand traps. It is truly a unique and beautiful gift for an avid golfer! I love the set, because I feel its different than everyday gifts. It’s also quite elegant. The surface is a matte texture and is very classy. I love that you can choose to display the coasters or leave them in their wooden box. The wooden box is a smooth beautiful finish.

My second favorite item from In the Sand Golf is the clear Golf mug. GOLF is printed on the mug using letters from actual aerial prints of sand traps. It’s really neat how the sand traps are shaped like letters The letters are opaque so you can still enjoy the view of the letters and the view of your drink! This mug is for eleven ounces of fluid, and it is definitely microwave safe. But it is hand wash only as you don’t want to ruin the print. I love the mug, because anyone can enjoy it. You can tell it’s a very durable mug, heavy, and elegant to behold.

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