If you’re considering whether a whole house water filter is right for you then you’ve probably heard about the issues that can arise when drinking tap water. You may even have direct experience with these issues through a family member or friend.

The question you then need to ask is how far do you go? Some people are happy with the under counter water filter, others need the reassurance of a whole house system. It is worth taking a look at cleanandclearwater.com.au to see the different products on the market.

To help you decide if the whole house water filter is right for you it is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages:


The most obvious benefit is that you will have peace of mind. Water is treated at the local plant with chlorine and fluoride. It is also likely that there is a trace of arsenic, lead or even ammonia.

These chemicals can have a detrimental effect on your health. Using a whole house or point of entry water filtration system means that you have complete peace of mind no matter which faucet you are using.

Skin exposure is also a common concern, especially if you already have allergies. Some of the chemicals in your unfiltered water are more likely to be absorbed by your body when you take a warm shower and your pores are open.  A whole house system protects against this.


The whole house filtration system is significantly more expensive than any other type of water filter. It is also relatively large and needs to be fitted where the water enters your home. This can be difficult to get to and increase the cost of the installation further.

It is also worth considering that as much as 90% of the water you use actually goes down the drain. This means you’re paying to clean water that is simply going to be discarded. A pinpoint water filter system such as the under counter type gives you filtered water just where you need it.

Of course, this does include the water you’re showering with and washing your food with. You may not consider it a waste for these things to be contaminant free.

If you want more protection than a single point filter can offer you can install several single point water filters for less than the cost of a whole house system. But, this will mean more maintenance as you need to monitor the filters in all the different systems.

Making Your Decision

If you or a family member already suffers from allergies then a whole house filtration system is probably the best option for you. However, if this is not the case you may wish to consider how valuable your peace of mind is.

A whole house system will ensure all the water you use is clean. The cost is higher but this could be a justifiable expense to ensure the safety of you and your family.




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