Have you ever filled a glass with your tap water and found the taste kind of odd? If you answered yes to this, then you are likely in need of a water filtration system. The amount of water we use for necessities and chores is staggering, so you would not want to be using unclean or chemically/minerally imbalanced water. This is just one of the ways that may reveal whether you need a water filtration system.


Getting a water filtration system begins by asking yourself these questions about your water, and once you have the information you need, you can begin preparing to install one in your home. 


If you are unsure and need some help, these are the things to consider if a whole house water filtration system is right for you.

Does Your Water Taste Bad?

As mentioned earlier, you might notice that your tap water tastes odd, or downright gross. This taste usually has a chemical tinge to it. The reason for this is usually hard water, which contains high amounts of Calcium and Magnesium, gives water that strange taste. While it may not be a big deal that your tap water tastes strange, and you might own a filter pitcher, these only mitigate a bigger issue. The odd taste in your water is only one aspect of how a water filtration system may be a benefit for your household. Bad tasting water is also indicative of other issues.

Do You Own An Older Home?

If you have an older home, like the ones built before 1986, you should consider a whole house water filtration system. Houses built before this year used lead pipes for water supply in homes, and particulates from these pipes or copper joints can end up in your water. Older homes need some renovation, but this is a cost that should be sprung for. Even if you are concerned more about the cost of the whole house water filtration system, there are plenty of options, and they are very reasonably priced when you consider the value-to-dollar ratio. Keeping the water in your home clean and safe for consumption is an important concern when deciding on getting a water filtration system.

Do You Rely On Well Water?

Speaking of clean and healthy water! If you use a well as your main source of water, then you should already be shopping around for a water filtration system. If you do not have one yet and you are using well water, there is no need to panic. The concern is that the water table you are drawing from inevitably has particles that will seep in and become available in the water. Pesticide runoff in water is one of the biggest issues that affect homeowners using wells. Water filtration systems help remove heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other foreign additives that are attributed to ground-based water sources.

Is Your Water Pressure Lower Than Usual?

Oddly enough, a water filtration system is valuable for your water pressure, and not just the quality of the water. Filtering out the debris or build-up of minerals from hard water, primarily Calcium will keep your water pressure working the way it is supposed to. It will become noticeable when your showers or taps are sputter water out. This Calcium build-up blocks the pipes and only allows so much water through. Using a whole house water filtration system may be right for you and your home if water pressure is becoming an issue for you.

Are Your Clothes, Not Properly Cleaned After Washing?

Washing your clothes in a washing machine is a surprising way to figure out if a water filtration system is right for you. Poor water filtration, or no filtration, will cause whites and other clothing to come out of the wash still looking subpar to what you should get. The chemicals in the water can be a cause, as well as water coming from rusty pipes. Using a water filtration system will allow you to keep your clothes looking good after every wash, so keep that in mind if you need to start filtering your home’s water.


There are some important questions to ask yourself if you think you might need a whole house water filtration system. Some of these questions relate to the quality of your home’s water, and how the water is helping or hindering chores around the house. In any case, it is never too late to get a water filtration system for your entire home, just make sure you do your research and find out if it is a logical choice.


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