Treadmills are the most demanding home exercise equipment of the many home fitness machines available because they offer a simple way to an effective aerobic workout. They are the perfect choice for professionals and beginners who love walking and jogging. Also, they are helpful for people with back problems. The treadmill is a great cardiovascular workout that will help you lose fat and burn calories. Daily exercise on the treadmill helps to improve overall health.

Is buying a treadmill a good investment in daily activities?

Buying a treadmill is a good investment in the daily activities because it has the following advantages:

1. Reduce impact

The treadmill helps to reduce impact better when compared to the road or other outdoor areas when running. Each time you run on the sidewalks, hard surfaces, or even dirt, your feet receive more impact, mainly when walking fast.

Over time, frequently stepping on the rocks the wrong way and standing on the sidewalk can lead to knee, back, and ankle pain. Ultimately, this can lead to serious health problems such as painful fractures on the born as we age. Therefore, the best under desk treadmills become a good investment in daily activities to reduce impact.

2. You are in control

Jogging or walking on a under desk treadmill becomes a good investment because you have complete control. According to the fitness level, you might want to do a light exercise, or you may be the experienced runner looking for an intense exercise. The fact is that with the treadmill, you will control all functions according to your fitness level.

Cooling down and warming up are under your control, as are incline and speed, and even the energy level you use over a period of time. All fitness levels can benefit from a treadmill as it may be customized to your individual needs. Learners can easily compare different treadmill brands and buy a treadmill that they can control.

3. Simulate race course

A treadmill can be a good investment in daily activities to assist you train for the next big run or marathon. The incline and speed of the treadmill can be adjusted, which comes in handy on race day. You train for the competition in as many real-world conditions as possible, and you get the difference between losing and winning as significant as the competition itself.

3. Improve motivation and mental health 

Running on the treadmill will help to improve motivation, mental health, and happiness. Aerobic exercises such as cycling and running trigger more endorphin in the brain. Endorphin is the chemical compound in the brain which makes you happy. Therefore, using a treadmill can help relieve anxiety and depression, and today it is easy to buy and compare a treadmill according to your needs.

4. Ideal for the heart health

Regular running can be the best thing you can do for your heart health or cardiovascular health. Regular aerobic exercise helps increase heart strength and blood circulation in the body. Increased blood circulation means the muscles will get more oxygen, working harder for longer and getting the most out of every walk.

The best under desk treadmills help to improve heart health. People with high blood pressure benefit from a stronger heart because it means lower blood pressure. This can significantly prevent heart disease and the likelihood of a heart attack.

5. Help in weight loss

A treadmill is a good investment in daily activities because it helps weight loss. Running on the treadmill can help to lose weight quickly. Running a mile on a treadmill help to burn about 100 calories. Running at 10 km/h can burn about 600 calories, which is a lot. 

Intense training at high intensity and full speed can burn more calories. Also, there are many health benefits to doing other aerobic exercises like cycling. So, when you buy the treadmill, you get a perfect shape for the body.

6. Muscle building

Running on a treadmill is more than stamina and cardio, although you might think that's just for such things. Running engages the muscles, which means the muscles are built too. Also, it increases muscle mass in the legs. Running strengthens the leg muscles. 

In addition to strengthening your abdominal muscles, a treadmill can improve them by exercising the abdominal muscles. Also, the act of swinging the arms when running can also increase the strength of the arm.

What to do before using the treadmill

  • Lay down a carpet or mat to protect the floor and minimize noise

Running on the treadmill can apply impact and force to the floor, causing dents and scratches. The carpet or mat can reduce floor damage and vibration when running. The vibration may be noisy if you live in an apartment or condo. Make sure you buy a carpet or a mat that almost has the same size as a treadmill.

  • Wear sports shoes to avoid injuries

Rubber sneakers or shoes significantly affect your motivation to run. Your feet can be injured if you walk barefoot. The treadmill is roughly built to prevent slipping. Spinning too fast while running and walking barefoot can hurt the feet and cause discomfort. Also, wearing rubber shoes reduces the impact on the feet, so choosing the ones you feel comfortable in is good.

  • Lubricate the treadmill once every month

To keep the treadmill in good condition, always apply the silicone spray oil to a track belt every month. The spray acts as a lubricant and protects the treadmill from excessive pressure or stress. Pay attention to the amount of spray. Overspray can make the treadmill slippery.

  • Always attach the treadmill safety pin

It's important to always think about your safety when using the treadmill, mainly when using it first. Put the safety pin with you. If you slip and lose your balance, a safety pin can disengage from the device and stop immediately.


Many people use a treadmill for daily activities, which is a good investment. It can provide an effortless way to lose weight and calories without going to the gym every time. If you want to build muscle, a treadmill is a perfect way to do it. So, a treadmill is a good investment in daily activities.

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