Nowadays you can find organic food in pretty much every supermarket, but with its high price point is it worth buying? Consuming organic foods can have many benefits to your diet as they’ve been shown to contain more nutrients than typical industrially farmed produce. Another reason why eating organic foods is worth it is that they simply taste better because of the extra care taken and lack of added chemical compounds in their production. Finally, a little known fact is that eating organic food can help reduce your intake of heavy metals that can be detrimental to your overall health. This article will go over three ways why eating organic foods are worth it. 

They are More Nutritious 

Believe it or not, organic foods can contain more nutrients than the average commercial produce. Industrial crops rely on artificial pesticides or fertilizers to keep their crops in good shape. On the other hand, organic foods are farmed without chemicals so they have to rely on their defense mechanism to protect themselves and grow stronger. One of the reasons why vegetables are so packed with vitamins and healthy compounds is that they are part of the plant's defense and immune system. More of these plant components are released when the plan perceives external threats like insects or bacteria, so when vegetables are farmed in their natural state they are the most nutritious. Non-organic vegetables, however, aren’t exposed to as many external threats due to chemical intervention so their defense mechanisms won’t be releasing as many vitamins and minerals as they could be. This is especially true for the growth of antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, dark grapes, and even tea. 

They Taste Better

Since organic foods can’t rely on artificial pesticides, hormones, and fertilizers extra care has to be taken in their production. In the case of organic meats, the animals are often treated better than other farming techniques and this shows in the quality of the meat they produce. The experts at recommends organic beef because it is from free-range cows that consume grass as their diet which gives the meat a much better flavor than the factory-farmed variety. Many factory-farmed animals are also loaded with hormones that make them have more meat, but organic meat has no additives so you’re consuming animals in their natural state. Many industrially farmed vegetables are also specially bred to be as big as possible and plants are designed to produce large yields but aren't necessarily bred for flavor. Many organic vegetables are heirloom varieties that are naturally resistant to pests, these varieties are usually smaller than the average commercial products but are packed with much more of the original flavor of the vegetable. 

Reduce Your Intake of Heavy Metals

Many people are aware that certain kinds of seafood like tuna can have high levels of heavy metals, but many people are shocked to hear that non-organic foods can be a source of heavy metals as well. The issue with heavy metals is that it takes your body a long time to eject them so if you consume too many of them they can build up in your body and affect your health. Studies have shown that high levels of heavy metals in your body like lead can damage and alter the functioning of organs such as the brain, kidney, lungs, and liver. Many pesticides and fertilizers contain trace amounts of heavy metals so these substances can make it into the meat and vegetables you eat. Since organic foods don’t rely on artificial pesticides and chemical fertilizers when you eat them you don’t have to worry about consuming excess levels of heavy metals. 


In the past couple of decades, organic foods have been on the rise and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. One of the best reasons why you should be eating organic food is because they contain more vitamins and beneficial compounds than typically farmed produce which means they are better at keeping your body healthy. A second great reason why you should switch to organic foods is that they simply taste better due to added care and natural techniques used in production. A final important season why organic foods are superior is that they don’t contain significant traces of heavy metals which can cause adverse health effects if they build up in your body. The reasons why organic foods are worth the cost are numerous so why not make the switch to healthier living next time you're at the local supermarket!

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