Business Intelligence, or popularly known as BI, drives a business to success. It is a technology-driven technique that is designed to improve marketing and sales through sorting data from various sources and then analyzing all relevant information. From then, the insights gathered and presented will be weighed by executives and top-level management in making efficient business decisions. With such Certbolt importance, BI experts are highly in-demand nowadays. So, how do you become a competent BI specialist and move up the corporate ladder? The answer depends on your dedication to complete pertinent certifications like the MCSA: BI Reporting.

Understand More about MCSA BI Reporting

This MCSA badge acts as your portal to core BI reporting features and functions. It mainly flourishes your skills in evaluating and documenting data in Power BI as well as Excel. It further allows you to understand how dashboard, analysis, visualization, and connectivity work in the said BI tools. In order to accomplish the MCSA AZ-900 BI Reporting certification, you have to prepare and pass its two exams. These are the Microsoft tests with codes 70-778 and 70-779. However, you have to take into account the validity of this Microsoft Certification AZ-303 Exam . It’s because the MCSA in BI Reporting, along with other MCSA credentials, will no longer be available on January 31, 2021. That being said, you have to weigh your options as fast as possible so you have enough preparation time.

How Does Microsoft 70-778 Prepare You for Real-World Issues?

In general, the main objective of the AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam is to train your knack in data analysis and visualization using Power BI. To better understand this exam, here’s a summary of the skills you have to learn.


  • Consumption and transformation of data


Through the Power BI Desktop, you need to practice your ability in linking data sources, cleansing data, and executing transformations.


  • Configuration of apps, reports, and dashboards


Using the Power BI Service, you should acquire skills in arranging dashboard features, ensuring security, structuring apps, and embedding reports.


  • Customization and visualization of data


To effectuate your BI skills, you must develop mastery in building data models, constructing DAX formulas, using KPIs, generating hierarchies, and supervising report solutions.

Why Do You Need to Consider Using Dumps?

In-depth preparation ultimately leads to a successful exam. And to be victorious in your Microsoft Certbolt Web URL , you may need extra reinforcements such as mock tests from top-notch sites. Exam dumps are compilations of past exam questions that were collected from the previous examinees. In addition, they may include explanations and references to provide you with better cognition of the key test areas. Therefore, if you are working out your skills through such dumps, it will reveal possible knowledge gaps, hence increasing your confidence before the scheduled assessment. 


Clearly, the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration Exam tailors you to become an adept and trusted BI specialist. So, sort out your plans and make sure to add this assessment alongside 70-779 and their related certification to your list of to-dos. With effective exam dumps for your prep, you will largely benefit from all your investments and efforts!

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