Is There Flexible Work Available in Southern Florida?



Day-to-day life has gotten much more difficult lately thanks to the rising cost of living and the pandemic affecting the entire world. This has resulted in lost employment and the need for people to get a little extra cash into their wallets. Yes, people do have full-time jobs, but that’s not always enough, especially for anyone looking to get that new console, VR helmet, or even to save up for a new car.


So, where can people go for extra work? Here we will cover the most attractive options for people looking for some extra cash in Southern Florida:


Traditional Part-Time Work


The easiest option for most people is to look around their area for part-time work on the street or in ads. This approach most people take: looking for work door-to-door and handing out resumes, or “pounding the pavement” as some people put it.


The drawback to this method is that handing out resumes to random businesses can generate random results. Even if someone’s looking for flexible part-time work, only, they may find themselves called into an interview for a full-time job or part-time work with variable hours. This means that the prospective employee may find themselves in a position where not only is their time being wasted, but so is the prospective employee’s.


Online Part-Time


So, forget about walking across the city, looking for some part-time work. What about the benefits of staying at home and looking up job sites online? Great idea, but realize that where one looks for work is just as important as the work they’re looking for. 


The most unlikely place to find work, but where it is still listed, is on websites that have employment offers as an afterthought. The leading examples of these types of sites are the ones that are places where people list used furniture, cars, and other miscellaneous items for sale privately. Although it does seem a little out of place for employment ads to be, they are, nonetheless there.


This really is one of the worst places to go online for work. Think of it this way: if someone wants to find a missing pet, is there much use in putting an ad up on a bulletin board in the basement of an apartment building? Who’s going to see it and would anyone want someone to respond to something posted in the basement of a seedy high-rise?


It seems silly to say this, but many people don’t really spend any time thinking about the site that they’re looking for work from. A place that specializes in selling used things should not be the place to look for jobs, but people still do it!


Traditional Job Sites


What about the kind of site that specializes in jobs? They must be the best place to go, right? This is where the old axiom of “the right tool for the right job” comes into play. Looking for full-time work with set hours or part-time work on weekends is why these sites exist, but those job seekers looking for flexible hours that work according to their schedules might find it a little more difficult to find what they’re looking for.


Traditional job sites have one purpose: to find people looking for full-time jobs. Yes, part-time jobs are there, but both are set up according to what the employer is looking for and not the other way around. Put another way, employers on these sights are looking for workers to be flexible according to their needs. They set the schedule, not the employee.


The Right Tool for the Right Job


So, where does someone looking for part-time work and flexible hours go in South Florida? The best solution is to look for websites that are made for what you’re looking for. People have said that you can find anything you’re looking for online and this is no exception. There are, indeed, companies that specialize in helping people looking for a few extra hours whenever they have the time to find them.


Sites, like Upshift, are the ideal choice when looking for this type of work for people who don’t have the time to send out lots of resumes just to make some extra cash to supplement their income. These sites don’t just let anyone through the front door and, most importantly, allow people to choose their hours according to their schedule.


It this new kind of gig economy company, one that allows people to schedule themselves, that is becoming the leading choice for those who don’t need a full-time job, but are looking to make some extra cash to make ends meet or save up for that important purchase.


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