Oh, where should I start lol? I love food I am a huge foodie and I am always wanting to try new foods especially from different cultures. I love the smell of the foods and all the ingredients that go into them and it amazes me how simple the ingredients are and still the food has a huge flavor. I have had foods that have left me lost for words and that is a hard thing to do when it comes to food. Some of my most favorite dishes are dessert dishes one they are delicious and they can also be savory and sweet and still be delicious as well.

I am a huge fan of Italian cooking and I have always wanted to try the desserts that I have seen made. It's hard to find a true Italian dessert store or too fond them in the stores is hard as well. The desserts in the store sometimes are not made truly to Italian cooking and I don't care for that. So as you might see I am always on the lookout for those products.

Bauli has answered my prayers for finding those Italian desserts I am looking for. Bauli makes the most delicious Italian Baked Cakes. Some of these Italian Baked Cakes date back to 500 years ago now that has to tell you something about the cakes. They have a few products on their line and they are amazing. These Italian Baked Cakes are so universal and taste so delicious that you won't want any other cake at your family gatherings and functions. Your friends and family will be so impressed with these little cakes that they ill are wanting to know where you got them.

Bauli also has recipes for these delicious Italian Baked Cakes and I can't wait to try them. They have recipes from bread pudding to a French toast. If you want to learn more about he recipe's then click Here to check them out.

Bauli has social media that you can also follow them on and they are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin

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