It's Fancy To BeReading is a huge part of my family's life. There are books all over the house and in every one of our cars. But what I have found is, kids LOVE to read books that are about them or tell stories with their names. I SEE ME! does a fabulous job creating stories with your children's names and likeness in them. It's Fancy to be (insert your child's name) is one of the newest additions to their extensive line up. I personalized this book for my daughter, Peyton. And I must say it's one of my favorite books to date. 

It's Fancy To BeIn It's Fancy to be Peyton my daughter was taken on a extraordinary adventure where everywhere she looked she was the star. Her name was in lights, on stores, planes, luggage and more. She even traveled to far places where she dressed in local garb. Peyton sang on an Opera stage where everyone in the audience was clapping and shouting out her name.  She went Carnival in Brazil and danced on a float. Took her cat for a walk through Times Square where her name was up in lights. By the end of the story Peyton's imagination was going wild. She loved all the color and details on the pages. How it was all focused on her. It got her even more excited about reading!

It's Fancy To BeI SEE ME! has an extensive selection of titles for girls and boys. They also have books for special occasion, holidays and life mile stones. Each book is personalized for your child with their name and likeness which I feel helps get a child more engaged. Kids love to hear about themselves and they love to see themselves. If you don't believe me take out some photo's of your child and watch how captivated they are by them. 

I SEE ME! also has an assortment of lunchboxes, board books, stickers, coloring books and more. All can be personalized. 

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