It’s Time to Support Working Mothers, Says Adam Veron

To balance parenting duties with work can be a real struggle. Especially for new moms, making the transition back to work post-maternity leaves can be a challenge. Below are some ways that employers can help to support working mothers. 

4 Effective Ways to Support Working Mothers, According to Adam Veron 

  • Flexible Working- Parenting at times can be unpredictable. School plays, sports days, and sickness bugs are all included in the package. Thus, it is not possible for mothers to always plan for these events and/or use holiday allowances to cover them. To miss out on these special moments in her kid's life can cause stress for a working mother. Here the best step to alleviate the pressure will be through flexible working. Flexitime will allow a working mother to leave a little earlier to attend the event and make it up the next day by coming early or leaving a little late. This flexibility will allow working women to balance personal and professional life in the right way. The best part, it will keep her happy and also not impact her work productivity. 


  • Contact Women Who Left the Organization- Another vital way to support working women is to contact women who left the organization either because they were eliminated or resigned. An employer should send emails to them or plan a virtual coffee. In case there is a role open in the organization, they should refer them and connect them with the hiring manager and the recruiting team. If not, they can connect these women for opportunities outside their company. According to Adam Veron, the employer can help women in different ways- review their resume, help with LinkedIn profiles, and more. 


  • On-site Creches- This is worth considering for the utmost convenience they offer. An on-site crèche means the working mother will not miss time with their little ones for their commute. This also means they will be on hand if their kid becomes ill. Her kid is reachable and nearby can be highly reassuring to a new mom, which automatically will allow her to focus on work. 


  • Generous Parental Leave- Rather than offering the minimum leaves to women as required by law, an employer should offer a generous leave to working mothers paid. This should be applicable the moment she resumes work. It is wise to consider offering leaves more than the usual 12 weeks. Another way to assist them will be to maximize the parental leaves' usefulness, offering them flexibility with the leave time. This will make the transition simpler. To go to full-time working from full-time mothering can be intense. Thus, to gradually help a new mother to return to work and the reality of being away from their little ones for a long time will show them that their employer has invested in her well-being. And above all, they value her work. 

To show all mothers in the workplace that employers support them will help them retain top talent, positively impact their productivity and morale, and attract other highly qualified mothers. Besides, an inclusive, diverse workforce will make their organization more competitive, successful, and innovative. 


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